It all starts today!!!

I don’t usually talk about the workout videos that I do here on my blog.  I have tried to keep it strictly to my running.  However, this time around I am doing it specifically to help my running and have been asked to join a challenge.  If you know me you will know that I can’t turn that kind of thing down!!  Plus, those that are involved in the challenge group have the opportunity to WIN MONEY!!  So of course I want to tell you all about it!

Today I am starting a 30 day challenge group!  I love working with other people to be able to watch them be successful while I push myself!  This week we are focusing on eating clean and getting our water consumption right.  For those of us that have already picked what we are going to be doing along with this we are going to be including a workout each day.  For those of us that don’t have our workouts yet, we will be doing something active of our choice!!
I am super excited to be taking part in this challenge with Beachbody, it is not the first one I have done and certainly won’t be the last!  Last spring I did the 21 day fix and loved it!!!!  Prior to that I had done Insanity, and Brazil Butt Lift which were both incredible!!
This time it is Insanity Max:30!  I am so excited about this I can’t hold it in!  This is going to be awesome and hard all at once!  Plus, right now Beachbody has an insane deal on getting a Insanity Max:30 Challenge pack!     
I know a lot of runner friends that are going to be taking part in a PiYo group along with drinking Shakeology daily to add to their running in the best way ever!  PiYo is an awesome mix of strength training and stretching to help make us the strongest runners we can be!  This is next on my list!
The combination of drinking Shakeo everyday, clean eating, running and working out is amazing on the body!  I feel better and will give you guys updates regularly so you can see how I am doing!  This time around it is very important to me to hold myself accountable so making this public knowledge should help with that!!
This week is going to be crazy!  I have already taken my starting weight and measurements!  Tonight, I will run my 3 miles for my training plan and then get my Insanity Max:30 out and do my very FIRST video of the challenge!!!! 
I will let you guys know how it all goes tomorrow!!!
If you want to participate just let me know and I can add you to our group! 
This post does contain affiliate links. 

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