Soaked on Saturday

Today, I had 5 miles on my training plan.  It quickly turned into 2.25 miles and I was over it!  The roads were slushy and icy, my yaks were working well but my legs were not!  I think taking 11 days off running and then running that 5k was not a good idea!!  haha!  I had been slacking on strength training and stretching out so I had some areas in my legs that just didn’t want to loosen up!!  I know it didn’t help that I was having to run and compensate for the slushiness of the roads. 
Needless to say my foam roller and I had a nice date after I took a warm bath to get my body back from freezing!!  Even though I was soaked, cold and had not such a fun run…I loved it!!  Being back outside running and being able to just run was nice. 

Speaking of my training plan….I had original had an 18 week plan that I thought was going to work great!  I decided against it.  This is my first marathon and I don’t want to train for it with a plan I just don’t like!  There were days with runs at race pace but that was it.  Everything else was slower runs and only one day off per week.  My new plan I decided on has hills, speed work, LSD, race pace, conversational runs and days for strength training and one day just for foam rolling every week!!!  Yes, one day where all I have to do is foam roll!  I love that it has a variety!  I won’t get bored and will be working my speed and distance all at the same time.  Plus, once every few weeks I am going to do a timed mile!  <–This scares me!  In the 8 months I have been running I have not once done a timed mile!!  First one of these is on Tuesday!!!  I hope I do well!  The old plan mileage peaks at 43 miles and my new one at 40.  Not too much of a difference in the long run but the designated days for taking care of myself are more valuable to me than those 3 miles.  Plus, both included 2- 20 milers which was important to me.
This is what this week looks like with my current plan vs old plan:
Current                                                  Old
Sunday: Foam Roll                               -Cross Train
Monday: 3 miles                                   -3 miles
Tuesday: Timed mile                            -5 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles race pace              -3 miles

Thursday: Strength Training                 -Rest
Friday: 4 miles                                      -5 miles pace

Saturday: 7 miles LSD                         – 6 miles LSD
Total: 18 miles                                      -22 miles
For my runs that don’t have a specific pace I am just going to run on feel and leave my Garmin covered  up until I stop it when I am done!!!  I don’t want to pressure myself into running at a certain pace all the time.  I believe I run better when I just run and I know I won’t push too hard.  Like today, I wasn’t feeling it so I cut back.  I have to trust my body when it is telling me no.
I saw a couple of pictures today that I couldn’t help but share also!
This was in a local store…I like to think my shenanigans are free all the time…no need for a discount!
D FINALLY received his award from his 5k in Detroit!  It is pretty sweet…I am jealous!
Has his name and all engraved, he loves it!
This sounds like a good plan!
For sure!
And this stuff is the best when HOMEMADE!!  I love having time to bake!
So stinkin’ good!
Have you ever made a last minute training plan change?
Do you trust your body enough to just run while training?
Cornbread fan?

10 thoughts on “Soaked on Saturday

  1. That's the beauty of the sport, you can change your plan as you see fit. And I agree 100%, this is your first marathon so you should enjoy every aspect. I don't have a true running plan so I change a lot more than normal lol.


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