Resolution Run 5k recap

The first day of the year, the day everyone says: I am going to be a better me this year, I am going to eat better, workout more, be kinder, quit this or quit that.  I have done this several times in my life and every time I have failed.  I have not stayed true to myself but this time, this time I have already checked off a goal.  One race each month  and January is in the books!

A local 5k at 10am on 1/1/2015!!!  D and I were up early and since we were out of bagels and bread(yes this really happened), I almost panicked!  I have to have bread with peanut butter before a race, then I saw them.  The hot dog buns!  Haha!!  I split them in half toasted them in the oven and we were good….to….go!  And yes I went to the grocery store last night and got these essentials!!

The temp at home before leaving!
The race was only 30 minutes from home so we set out around 8:45 to get there, pick up our packets, meet our friends and warm up!  When we arrived it was a chilly 18 with a feels like of 5!!!  What a great way to welcome 2015!! 
As soon as we walked in the door we went to get our packets.  We got a long sleeve t-shirt not a tech tee and I am ok with that!  I enjoy getting a mix of things so that I don’t have a closet full of tech race tees!!
The front of the shirt
We headed over and talked to Kari, Jen and Brandy!  We were all super excited to be running and ready to race!!  I was very undecided as to what pace I was going to run since my training plan called for 4 miles, I just figured I would play it by feel.  If I felt good I would run hard, if it felt too hard I would ease up!  Jen was sticking with Brandy who was completing her FIRST 5K!!!!!!!!!  I love firsts!!!!  This one was especially important due to Brandy being only a month out of Chemo!  If that isn’t inspirational, I don’t know what is!!!!
Did I mention Frosty?  Yeah he was there!
top left: Jen, top right: Brandy
Bottom left to right: D, me and Kari
At around 9:50 I made sure my bladder was empty and made it back just in time for the pre race meeting and prayer.  The start was very unofficial, just a countdown from 10 by one women and whatever runners joined her! 
The course started in town and made a square around a couple city blocks, I looked at my Garmin and saw 7:20 so I backed off, looked again 7:45 and backed off.  I got to around an 8:15 and held it there.  I felt comfortable but the wind was strong and we were heading out of town to a more open area and I knew it would get worse.  It was also an out and back course so I knew what was at my back now was going to be in my face soon!  Mile one: 8:15, perfect!!  I was now watching runners that had turned around passing me, I kept watching for D and started worrying!  He wasn’t where I thought he was….what was wrong????  Then I spotted him, he was going slow and looked like he was hurting…..bad!  I stopped right there in the center of the road and yelled to him, asking what was wrong!  He said his knee was hurting.  I let him know if he needed to walk, walk.  There is no shame!  I had to continue to the turn around to make sure I didn’t get DQ’d.  I knew I would catch up with him, it would just take me some time.  I held pace at 8:15 but knew I had lost precious time.
I passed Kari after the turn around and kept pushing for D. 
Mile 2: 8:53, ok not too much was lost.  I could see Jen and Brandy heading toward me so I went to their side of the road and Jen told me Brandy had PR’d her first mile!!!  SWEET!!!  I gave them both a high five and pushed on.  The wind was fierce now and making my eyes water.  I could see D ahead of me and knew I was going to get to him soon.  When I reached him I made him walk for a second, I wanted to talk to him and see how he was.  He told me to leave him and go but I said no!  I stayed with him and we jogged to the finish.  I didn’t care how I finished I just cared that he was going to be ok.  Mile 3: 9:55, I finished just ahead of D with a time of 27:40. 
I was handed 2 participation ribbons and took D to get his knee stretched and relaxed.  While he was stretching Kari finished and the three of us went inside while we waited for Jen and Brandy. 
Everyone got a ribbon
After a little bit we heard Jen cheering as Brandy had completed her 5k!!!! 
She did it!!!!!  WHOOHOOO!
We all had our water and snacks (I grabbed some coffee too, I was freezing).  We waited for the results.
I stalked the person carrying the results to hang up so I could see officially what we had done.  I had ended up with 2nd in my AG, while Kari got 3rd!  Not too bad for a run gone wild!  🙂
Kari and I got our awards and had some pictures taken before we headed out. 
This race was a lot of fun and I am glad that I got to run it with some great ladies and an awesome little man by my side!  A girl can’t ask for a better way to run the first race of a new year!!!!      


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