A week with No charge!

So going MIA was ok, I spent a lot of time with my family and enjoyed life!  In actuality my laptop quit charging and put a damper on things but I took advantage of this and the chaos of a full week off work!  I put my blogger side away and just lived!!!

I am going to let you see a small portion of my life in the last week with a photo post!

Every runner needs doughnut leggings!

I did resist and did not purchase these!
I received the coolest book ever from my SIL!
A book with pics from our time out there!!
Oatmeal with greek yogurt and pears!!
OMGracious!!!!  So good!!
The kids had so much fun!!!
My main man J! 
Very rare photo of him! 
Cleaning out the closet, finding old stuff!
A birthday card over 20 years old!!
Owning a new pair of super cute booties!
Love them!
Who’s ready for 2015???????

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