New Challenges and snacks

Integrating cross training is going to be a challenge for me and I think I have found how I am going to do that for 2015! 

On January 5th, I am going to be joining a challenge group for Insanity Max:30!!!  To say I am excited about this is a complete understatement!!  Oh my goodness, this is going to kick my booty seriously!  The first time I did a Beachbody workout a few years ago I thought I was going to die.  But loved it!  I never knew my arms could sweat until that!  If you want to join in on the challenge let me know!  I will help you get the materials to get 2015 kicked off to a GREAT start!
Now, I am in much better shape now than I was then so it should be a little better.  But I will be gaining strength and boosting cardio which will help excel my running and push me further!
I am also going to be trying to get in at least one day at the pool!  I need the low impact day!  I used to be on a swim team…many, many moons ago.  I was good, not great but good.  I know I am going to get some soreness out of the first few times due to the muscles you forget you have in your body actually being used.  However, I still think this is going to do huge things for me!
Speaking of being back in the pool, some ladies and I are heading there tonight for awhile!  I will let you know how that goes!  We are only supposed to be doing an hour long workout but we will see if I can even make it that long!  I am excited about being back in the water!!
I have also been trying to have healthier snacks throughout the day…this what I made last night…..It was SO good!!  Rye bread, laughing cow cheese and a raspberry!!  My hubs even liked it and that is an amazing thing to accomplish!  Hopefully I can keep him eating good with me.
This post has been just a little random because I have so many thoughts and goals running through my head right now I can hardly stay focused!!  So I leave you with this because it made me laugh a whole lot!
Have you ever done a Beachbody workout?
Do you like to swim for cross training?
What is your favorite healthy snack?

8 thoughts on “New Challenges and snacks

  1. I really like T25 and am really looking forward to doing Max:30! Shakeo and the Results and Recovery formula are both AWESOME!! I know what you mean about being a skeptic…I roll like that most of the time too. I had some people I knew using these so I could try before I committed. I am now 100% a believer in all things Beachbody.


  2. I did T25 all last year. I do like the workouts; they're intense and short, and you feel accomplished after. I do NOT like the whole Beach Body “coach” thing. It seems kind of pushy and literally anyone can become a coach, so I'm a bit skeptical of the shakes etc that go with it. I also thought that after awhile with T25 my running really suffered because it's a TON of lower body.

    But all that said, it was really great to add in a couple times a week! And I love the convenience of it being done at home.


  3. Cross training is a big roller coaster ride for me too. I've added weight training in so far and its going pretty good. I've never done one of those without programs like insanity, I would probably die lol. I would live to add some pool exercises into my plan, the low impact would be hugely beneficial. Favorite snack is brownies, oh wait healthy, I actually snack on a lot of plain fruit, love it.


  4. I love to swim for XT! It's my favorite form of cross training….and lately, the only form, because like you unfortunately I am terrible at incorporating that into my schedule.

    I'm thinking of combining swims with something else, like spinning for 30 mins or something. I've found that swimming for 30 minutes just doesn't really feel like enough of a workout for me (granted, I'm very slow at swimming!). I can't stay in the pool longer than that, I just get way too bored with the laps and sick of the chlorine.


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