Christmas lazy and randomness

From now until the 26th this is how I envision my life:

Christmas = Presents

Presents = Stress

Stress = More eating

More eating = More running

It wouldn’t be so bad but I am a procrastinator.  Which means I have purchased approximately 5 presents total.  Those 5 are also all for my daughter!  Oooops, sorry boys…mama’s girl is easy to buy for!  Oh, and we actually have some decorations up!!  Over a week early!  <–This is progress!

KK picked this out!
KK also received a letter from Santa via the USPS and he let her know how he was going to get her EVERYTHING on her list!  Really Santa?  Why you gotta do me like that!?!?!
The letter was very cute and not expected at all though so really it was pretty cool.  I am just glad I can get her what is on her list or this Christmas would have been a little rough for my little lady!
This is what it looks like when I don’t feel like editing a photo!
This week I am preparing to run The Huff 50k relay on Saturday!!!!  I am super stoked and ready to go!  Kari and I did a 6.25 mile trail run nice and easy on Sunday as a last longer run.  I am ready to run the 10.8 mile leg, I am just unsure of what the terrain is going to bring!!  Last night I wanted to put a little speed into my run but I just couldn’t get with it.  I ran 1 mile at 8:30 pace and then stopped to stretch out my calves.  I got in another .58 at 9:00 minute pace but my legs just weren’t ok with it!  I stopped running at that and just foamed rolled and used my stick.  That made my legs happy!
I also have a new favorite meal.  Eggs, broccoli with a little meat and cheese!  I don’t know how I lived without this!
Plus this has made its way to my list of wants!!
Are you ready for Christmas or do you procrastinate like me?
Have you found any cool running jewelry?
What is your go to breakfast on the weekend?


8 thoughts on “Christmas lazy and randomness

  1. I have totally procrastinated. I'm doing ok with presents, but we haven't put our lights up or decorated our tree yet. The tree has just been sitting in the living room with nothing on it for almost 2 weeks now! Glad I'm not the only one who is procrastinating on holiday stuff 🙂


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