I love my skin but sometimes as a runner it isn’t the easiest thing to manage!!  I want it to look vibrant and youthful but the sweat and constant washing take it’s toll. 

InstaNatural has been a huge help in keeping my skin looking good!  As of late I have been using a couple different products of theirs.  After I was and tone my face in the morning, I have been applying Age-Defying Retinol Serum

This stuff is amazing!!  It goes on smooth and I can put my make-up on in just a matter of seconds after application!  It has a dropper and for me I start with about 5 drops and use a couple more if I haven’t covered my whole face.  This does contain 2.5 retinol so if applying to wear during the day you will want to apply sunscreen as some skin can become sensitive.   
It smells great and has been giving my skin a better glow!  I have only been using it for a short time and can already tell the difference.
Like I said I have been using a couple of their products, the second one is Rosehip Oil.  Seriously this stuff is great too!  I have the most unhealthy nails and cuticles ever!  I am constantly picking at them and making them even worse.
I should just call it everything oil!
Rosehip Oil can be used for a multitude of things and nails are one of them!!  I have used it on my face as a moisturizer at night, my nails, and I am trying it on a couple of scars I have!
InstaNatural uses 100% pure Rosehip Oil that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.  These help it be an effective moisturizer all around.  This is perfect for this time of year, I know the colder weather really does keep my skin dryer than normal and harder to keep healthy.
Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post via InstaNatural and Brandbacker.  As always all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own.      

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