Pocket Protein KIDZ!!!!!

Do you ever struggle staying full?  Do you kids ever beg for a snack before dinner?  I know mine do!!!

Pocket Protein and Pocket Protein Kidz is a great solution to help keep you fuller longer and get much needed nutrients into your system!! 

I struggle in the mornings, I just can’t seem to find much on the go foods that keep me full in the morning at work!!  I always find myself wanting a snack long before lunchtime rolls around.  So when I had the opportunity to try Pocket Protein I jumped right on it!! 
Snack at work!!!
PP has only 60 calories per serving but 15 grams of Protein!!! Did I mention 0 fat!!  They have different formulas for men and women!  We are not all the same so it is great to be able to choose something that is formulated for women to give us what we need to perform our best and stay focused daily!!  Being a athlete and keeping healthy snacks with me at all times can be a challenge.  The packaging that PP comes in makes that a breeze!  I actually have a package of it in my purse right now!!
With Being able to carry this easily I will be able to use it as a post workout protein source.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I have a hard time finding something to refuel with quickly, especially if I did not work out at home!
She loved it!!
Pocket Protein Kidz is another version that they have just for kiddos ages 2-9!  This has a lower content of protein for their growing bodies at just 7 grams it is enough to keep their hunger at bay but not too much for their tummy’s to handle.  My kids tried this and love the taste and wanted lots more!!!
My favorite thing about this is it is not milky!  When I think protein shake or drink I always think of something creamy and this is NOT.  It is more of a juice and has NO, I mean NO bad protein aftertaste as some products do.  Pocket Protein really nailed this!
Also Pocket Protein KIDZ is having a sweepstakes. Everyone who contributes or pre-orders to our campaign is entered to win a $500 Visa Gift Card in time for Holiday shopping*. See official rules at http://pocketprotein.com/KIDZsweepsrules
Right now you can save 15% the already low price of $19.00by using the discount code HOOSIER at checkout!! 
Disclaimer:  I was given this product to try at no cost to me.  Thoughts and opinions on it are my own as always.


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