2015 Goals

The flu bug hit my house pretty hard and so I took two days away from the blog to attend to my motherly duties of letting sick little people run my every move….it was awesome!
So now that I am able to actually sit back and type I need to get this out of the way!  I have had lots of thinking time on my hands recently and this is where it has taken me!  GOAL TIME!
I have been seeing a lot of post lately talking about goals.  I have decided that this is something I need to do for 2015!  I want to create goals and push myself to meet those goals!  Setting goals can be hard.  You want them to be something you truly want/need but not so out of reach you get discouraged trying to do them.  My goal list contains little things like reading certain books, to larger get out of debt things or just better life practices.

1.  Read these books:

  • Born To Run
  • Eat & Run
  • Looking for Alaska
  • The Time Keeper
  • The Spectacular Now
  • The Light Between Oceans
  • The Lost Wife
  • Winter Bloom
  • Doc
  • The Color of Water
  • God’s Smuggler
  • The James Miracle 

2.  PR in these distances:

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon 

3.  Eliminate all unnecessary debt

  • Credit Cards
  • Student Loans

4.  To run at least a race per month…I will update these as I register for each event!

  • January: Resolution Run 5k 1/1
  • February: TBD
  • March: Winter Blast Half Marathon 3/1
  • April: Kal-Haven Trail Run 4/11, RNR Nashville 4/25
  • May: Tough Mudder 5/10
  • June: TBD
  • July: TBD
  • August: TBD
  • September: TBD
  • October: TBD
  • November: TBD
  • December: TBD

5.  Cross Train every week….No Excuses!  I need to do my best to get stronger, this is a key element in being able to really start to perform at a higher level than I currently am.

6.  Go on a date with my husband at least one time per month…NO KIDS!  We do not do this enough, investing in each other when you have 3 kids, both work full time, and trying to do the normal stuff is hard and we need to get better at taking time out for each other!

7.  And lastly in lieu of the holiday season, I would like to have Christmas shopping done before…..12/1!!!  This will reduce the Santa stress which is a whole other post!!

Happy Monday!!!


      4 thoughts on “2015 Goals

      1. Wow that's quite a lot of goals! Good luck with them all. But don't put too much pressure on yourself with the PRs, it can take away the joy of running a bit.
        Personally for me, it's about finding the right balance with running and strength training and learning to enjoy running again without overly stressing. That for me is a BIG goal!


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