My First Skydive: October 2011

I was asked by Kristina to write a post about skydiving!  I told her I would so here is a post all about my first skydive and how I got hooked on going more!  Oh and FYI, this is long.  I couldn’t leave out details…I just couldn’t!!!!

It was probably around July of 2011, when one of my friends Kat and I decided we wanted to skydive (she actually asked me if I would)!  So of course looking for that next bit of adrenaline rush I was on it!  I didn’t know anyone that had EVER went skydiving so I didn’t even know anyone to ask!  I just thought it would be “cool”.  I waited a month or so and never heard anything about it again from Kat.  So being the great friend I am I started bugging her.  It was one reason after the other as to why she couldn’t go.  So, a couple months later, I took it upon myself to just sign up on my own!  Yep!  I bailed on my buddy!!

I found a place called Plymouth Sky Sports in Plymouth, IN.  They were having a special at the time so I made my appointment for October 5th and started getting giddy!!! 

I talked to my hubs to make sure the kids and him were all going to be there to see me jump!!  We got there early and they had me sign the dreaded, initial here if you understand you can die doing this paperwork and paid for my jump.  We then waited.  I was doing a tandem jump, which means I was going to be strapped to the front of someone else.  Cool because that takes away responsibility from me.  Weird because now my life is in the hands of some stranger I haven’t even met!

When more first timers showed up we had a ‘class’.  Which really means we all sat in chairs and watched a video about skydiving.  In actuality it is the Assumption of Risk Waiver Video.  In this video Bill Booth explains the equipment and dangers associated with a skydive.  This video is required by law to be shown before a tandem skydive.  Our instructor Nick was a pretty cool guy.  After the video he showed us the equipment we would be using and explained everything in detail.  I then found out he would be the one I was going to jump with. 
When it came time, Nick gave me a yellow flight suit and helped me put on my harness.  We went over in air procedures and what I was supposed to do.  This was a very important part of the process.  Even though I am just along for the ride I still had to maintain proper body position in order to make the jump more successful! 
Harness on ready to go!!
The biggest thing he told me to remember was to arch my back.  This is what would help keep us belly down.  You also have an altimeter on your wrist letting you know exactly what altitude you are at.  Most tandem jumps exit the aircraft at 10,000 ft and pull at 5,000 ft.  These are both safe and give you approximately 1 minute of free fall time.  During free fall you are falling belly down to the earth at around 120 mph!!!
So now that I was educated slightly we were up!  The little plane was waiting on us.  I met Greg the pilot before we went to the plane.  We then headed out to the runway and got in!  For my jump it was Nick and I plus two photographers Jenny and Steve.  We headed down the runway and I started getting really really excited!!  I knew at this point I was one of the crazy few that wasn’t nervous but completely thrilled with the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!!!!!  I watched my altimeter as it climbed foot after foot until finally we were at 10,000 ft!!!!!
From left: Nick, me, Greg the pilot, Steve and Jenny!!
When they opened the door to the plane I was amazed at how cold the air was!  It wasn’t freezing but it was chilly compared to the lovely weather on the ground!  Jenny and Steve went out the door first.  They each held onto the plane and got ready for Nick and I to exit.  Nick had strapped me to the front of him while in the plane so we scooted toward the door in a very awkward way.  I mean you literally have like 1/2″ between the instructor and jumper.  We got near the door and Nick had me look up to get me in a better position to start my arch.  Then we were off!!!!!!!!!
I love this pic!
The best!!
OMGracious!!!!  We were falling!!!  At first we were spinning a little and it was kind of hard to find where we were then we flattened out and it was AMAZING!!!!!!  I could see EVERYTHING!  The curve from the earths surface, the sun in the background, Steve and Jenny so gracefully moving around us taking video and photos!!!  Steve was having us do some ‘poses’ so he could get some good pics of us in the air!
Check out that view!!!!
Steve has my hand spinning us!!
I kept looking at my altimeter to keep track of where we were and then we were there….5000 ft.  I reached back with my right hand, grabbed a golf ball sized pull and yanked!!! 
As the canopy opened
The chute opened.  Nick did his thing making sure all was good and we had no twisted lines then he loosened my harness a bit.  So stinkin’ peaceful.  Being 5000 ft in the air under canopy is unexplainable.  It is so peaceful.  Calm, quiet and beautiful. 
It took us an unknown amount of minutes to slowly make out way through the sky toward the airport.  We talked about a little bit of everything and did some spins and such!  It was so much fun!!!  Nick explained that I had to lift my legs up when we went to land, this would let us land on our butts instead of having our legs get tangled up or anything.  Before I knew it we were getting close and going in for the landing.
Just about to land!
We landed softly and quickly.  I was beyond words!!!  I was giddy and giggling!!  I remember someone and I don’t know who…Steve I think asking me “would you do this again” and I was like “YES!!!!!”  That’s all it took I was hooked!
Thumbs up for SURE!
We headed inside and Nick had me write my name down on a piece of paper showing I had completed my first skydive and I was shaking so much from the adrenaline I could barely write!!
See how shaky it is!!!
This was the start of something amazing!  I became friends with the people at Plymouth Sky Sports, and continued to skydive with them.  We have some great memories, it is however and very expensive hobby and I finally had to make the decision to stop so that we could save some of that money for more important things.  I miss it dearly and know that I will be up there again someday.  Hopefully soon.
Blue Skies My Friends!! 

8 thoughts on “My First Skydive: October 2011

  1. I feel completely in control, I am sure some people don't. And yes you feel like you are falling fast but at the same time moving at normal speeds! You can feel the resistance of the air but still move, its just harder and requires lots of muscles!!


  2. AMAZING! I am pretty sure I will never do it, so this is the closest I have come, or likely will come! Thank you for sharing it with us, how exciting 🙂 Free falling sounds terrifying!


  3. My sister's boyfriend sky dives every weekend. It's his biggest hobby. I know one day I'll go but I haven't gotten around to it! What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!


  4. THAT'S SO AWESOME! I had no idea that you free fall for a full minute! That seems like such a long time. Do you feel like you're free falling super fast, or do you feel pressure around you that makes you feel like more in control? (Does that make sense?) It seems like since you were able to communicate with the photographers during the free fall that you must have felt in control during the free fall portion! Amazing!


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