14 in two days

Happy Monday!!!!!

Yesterday I went for a great run!  I got together with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen since for like 13 years!!!  <–That sentence just made me feel old….like really freaking old!  Anyway, I did tell her about the blog but didn't subject her to the normal photos.  Next Sunday when we run she is hit though….I gave her warning!!  I thought this was the nice thing to do instead of "Hi, how have you been over the last 13 years, lets run…oh by the way…I am going to take a ton of pictures of us sweating it out!!"

Kari has volunteered herself to suffer and run the 50k relay with D and I on the 20th!  She has just recently got back into running and is doing awesome!  She has been running plenty of races and working hard to improve day by day!  Hopefully she will be running her first Half Marathon in 2015 and I will be able to be there with her!!

The weather and terrain were perfect!  I was glad she wanted to slow it down and take it easy.  My legs were definitely feeling it from my race Saturday!  Which I am still pumped about! 

I was shaking and couldn’t get a good pic…sorry!!
Our splits were:
9:01 for the last .9
My legs needed some comfort when we were done and so I made sure to put on my compression socks.  Overall though, I feel great!  Running 8 miles on tired legs was good for me!  I needed it to show myself that I still have it in me!  This is the furthest I have run (14.2 miles in two days) since my half marathon so to do it after I raced the day before…I am happy. 
I will be in a serious relationship with my foam roller for the next couple weeks.  Leading up to this race I really want to focus on being relaxed and stretched.  It is a trail race and I know in the 10.8 miles I have to run it is technical and I need to be focused!!
Also, did you see this!!!!  100k on a treadmill at 6:26 pace?!?!?!  I would be lucky to do that for 2k!  hahaha!
Have you ever met up with someone you hadn’t seen in years and years to run?
Do you run the day after a race?
Any trail running tips?

4 thoughts on “14 in two days

  1. LOL! I read your post about your trail half! Gutsy move! I don't think I could do that yet! Good advice! I am trying to use trails when I can…I am just not local to many! I am starting to have the feeling this race is really going to hurt!


  2. So cool that running bright you two back together. Running usually kisses friends for me lol j/ k.

    Did you say trail running?? I could write a novel for you 😀. Absolutely need trail shoes, some type of hydration, and most important, train as close as you can to the race profile. If there are a lot of hills, train hills. If there is a lot of rolling single track, run that. It makes a world of difference.


  3. How cool that the person you got for your relay is a friend from 13 years ago! I love that!

    A couple of months ago I reconnected with a friend I hadn't spoken with in about five years because she started running! She doesn't live near me so we haven't run together, but that would be awesome!

    Also 7 miles at that pace the day after a race? You're amazing! Dang!


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