A Day Late not a dollar short

Wednesday night I ran progressive mile repeats…I wanted to do 5 miles but stopped at 3.  My family needed some mom time!  Splits went like this,9:40, 8:35, and last was 8:12!  The best part about these miles….I could talk!!!  Now if you actually knew me in person you would realize I talk a lot anyway buuuuuuuut, while running?!?!?!  Yes!  I could talk and run an 8:12 mile!  I must be doing something right and getting a little faster!!!
So Thursdays are for throwbacks right????  Well I am a day late and a dollar short!  It may be Friday buuuuuuttttt…I did find some pictures to share for a little snapshot of my past! 

This one time in 2011 I tried to start running again.  It didn’t work out.  I stopped running but had already signed up for a “race”.  I still did it….slowly.  From left to right:  Kat a friend of mine, ME! and my Sister!! 


This is Warrior Dash 2011!
I had my little KK in March of 2008.  I was always told I looked like I was carrying a soccer ball around. 
34 weeks!!
Did you know I used to skydive?  Welp, I did!  I took my first plummet on 10/08/11!!

Looking tough!!
I also used to have my hair short, all the time.  Never below my shoulders!! 
I was so young!!
Enough of that for now…maybe I will do this again sometime!  I even like remember the things that once were!
I also found a few pics I would like to share….Gosh I love Photo Stream!!!!  I also know I am going to be very happy my husband does not read my blog.  I might come up missing after posting these! 
Selfie photo shoot!!  LMBO!!!! 
I have no idea what is on his head!!  OMGosh!
Pretty sure the mischievous one in the back was the mastermind of all this!!
The things that happen when I am not around!  Daddy/daughter time is…ummmm…different than what I thought!  HAHA!!
Do you ever find random photos you didn’t know existed?
Have you ever been skydiving?  <–its the best…really!  I miss it dearly!

5 thoughts on “A Day Late not a dollar short

  1. You used to skydive?! You will need to write up a post about that with lots of pics ASAP 🙂 So cool! I bungee jumped once and that was enough of an adrenaline rush for me! haha

    Way to go on your progression run!!! Being able to talk at 8:12 is crazy impressive! Being able to hold that for a full mile is super awesome! Way to go!


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