A Christmas List

I have a really hard time coming up with gift ideas for me for Christmas!!  Everyone is always asking…what do you want???  I feel so pressured when they do this!  But if someone were to say go buy yourself 10 things for Christmas right now, it will all be paid for…these are the items I would get:

New compression socks from ProCompression….they are my favorite!!

Use the code SNOW and receive 40% off!!
Nathan LED vest for all these late night runs I am going on!
Can’t be too safe!!
A pair of Hunter boots, in Indiana everyone needs these!!
They come in a ton of colors also!!
A new handheld water bottle, mine is getting leaky!
I like having a pocket for stuff!
An entire case of salted caramel GU!  My local store doesn’t even carry this!  I have to drive an hour to a store just to get it!!
So. Good.
Medal holder!  Gotta display these bad boys!!  I earned them and they deserve it!
If “Won That” is referring to the medal…Yes I did!!!
Road ID…just a good idea to have!!
Things happen…be prepared!
I need this coat!!!
A gift card for Amazon because you can get anything you want from there!!!!
And last but certainly not least.  A new pair of running shoes!!!!  I am not 100% sure what I would get.  Most likely Asics Kayanos…but that decision would be made when doing test runs!!
Oh and a side note…I am found out last night that forks and knives are overrated and dinner can be eaten anyway you want! 
Why does he have to act so barbaric???  Yuck!!!
A little motivation for the day as well!
Do you have a list? 

Are you ready for Christmas?
Also, if any of you would like to purchase the items listed above for me, I will send you my address!!! 
Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post for which I may compensated a very small amount.  However, all opinions on products are my own.


6 thoughts on “A Christmas List

  1. So many of these today! Loving reading them all, they are great for ideas! Thanks for sharing yours, I have always wanted wellies….but never actually asked for them, but it seems to rain a lot here, so now may be the time!


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