Self discipline with random pics

I was a complete slacker last week in the blogging area of my life.  I had lots of stress I just didn’t want to vent about and or sound crappy while writing about things that should make me happy!! 
I am still working through the “situation” but have come to terms with what is going on and looking forward.  I will not let it control me and how I feel on a daily basis.  I need to be the best me at all times!!!
Be prepared, this post contains random pictures I wanted to share but have no real topic to insert them with!  So I am just putting them wherever I want to because it’s my blog and I can!  🙂

In other news….I went for a “longer” run Sunday!  It was 58° here!!!!  Hell yeah!!!  So I had to get in a good run and wear shorts on last time this year!!!  We headed to the ‘rents and started the run there.  They live in town so it was a nice change of scenery!  We also forgot how much more ground it seems like you cover when running around a town as opposed to the country!!  I am really trying to just enjoy the run so I am getting bad about not even taking pics while out!!  I need to get better at that!! 
Felt so good!!!
Oh and my computer is acting crazy!!!  My Garmin Connect won’t work!!!!  UGH!!  This means I can’t sync!!  I am having to manually input my runs so I don’t lose them.  I don’t mind this apart from the fact I won’t have elevation and splits.
10 vs 34 …hmmmmm
So I have been doing a great job of not racing!  I turned away from the Turkey Trot and the local 5k!!  I didn’t run them at all!!  Ttttttthhheeeennnn….yesterday happened.  I signed up for races!  Lol!!
First up Spruce Scoot 10k this weekend in Bristol, IN!  Yes, I haven’t been running much lately and now I am running a 10k plus I have already thought about a PR.  I know I am capable of it.  The last 10k I raced was in August and I had a severely sprained ankle.  I just have to run under 9 min/mile and I will PR…I can do that…I hope!  This race is half paved/half trail so it should be a lot of fun!  Plus, it is on a Christmas Tree Farm!!  They are also having a 5k and Half Marathon so I am excited to watch everyone race!  Anyone going to come run this with me???
These crazies are 2 of my employees
Second race this month is The Huff which I know I have mentioned a couple of times on here already so it should be no surprise!  I am really pumped for this!!!
Third I found a New Years Day run!!  Middlebury Resolution Run is at 10am on NYD!!  I am excited to have my first race of 2015 happen on 1/1!!  This is just a 5k though so it is going to HURT!!! 
She didn’t like when I complained about the dirty table!
Lastly…I found a half on 3/1 I want to do!  It is pretty local and near the middle of my marathon training plan.  I haven’t signed up for this yet but am most likely going to do so.  A runner friend of mine is thinking about doing this as her FIRST half and she said she would be ok with me pacing/partnering up with her for it.  I am pumped about being able to help her through her first half EVER!!  This also means I will be able to take it a little easier than running on my own, while training for my marathon!  <–See avoiding the race pressure!!!
Now that sums up how much self discipline I have when it comes down to not racing doesn’t it????  In my defense, they are all local and cheap!  Can’t ask for a better combo!
Do you have a race this weekend?
Are you running on NYD?
You ever feel random as random gets?


8 thoughts on “Self discipline with random pics

  1. Weird! I wonder if Garmin's support can help you, since that's pretty strange. That's frustrating though!

    Your upcoming race schedule looks great. I don't know if I'll be in Raleigh or Orlando or Columbus for New Year's Day (complicated, I know), so I haven't signed up for a NYD race yet.


  2. I've been having the same Garmin Connect issues!!!!!! Luckily my Garmin can sync via bluetooth but it is annoying. I haven't installed the latest update though, so I wonder if it has to do with that. Have you installed the latest update yet?

    So exciting that your friend is going to run her first half!! That's the best!


  3. Sorry to hear about your stress, but having races lined up is a great mood-improver I find 🙂
    I'd love to run on Christmas day and New Year's day but I'm not sure if I will as Ben still won't be running and it seems a little mean to him 😦 We'll see!


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