For one day I will go into hiding!!!!

Black Friday is a very scary day for me.  I am currently hanging out in my house hiding from the general public!!  It will stay this way all day!  I try to not leave my house at all (I may even run on the treadmill so I can stay in)! 

I have had a very stressful week that has required some serious runs and don’t need to add dealing with people on black Friday to that list!!!! 
Although a stressful week I had some amazing runs!
My favorite run happened on Tuesday.  I was either going to cry or be a total bitch.  So I ran.  I ran with no regard for pace, no worry about how far, I just ran.  I can’t tell you a total distance all I know is I think I was around 9 minute miles for most of it.  It was dark and cold but I was free.  I really needed this run more than I could have imagined.  I got home feeling frozen and better emotionally.  I can only be thankful for times like this and how therapeutic they can be.  Oh side note:  D was worried about his momma because he knew I wasn’t emotionally feeling well so he tailed me on this run.  Never talked or tried to run with me, just followed and made sure I wasn’t alone.  <–I am definitely doing something right with this kiddo!

At the end of the run, flashy lights and all!
I also found a third running for the 50k relay I want to do!!!!  This made me super happy!  We are going to have a blast and it gives me something to look forward too!!  Our third runner is a old friend of mine from when I was young and we haven’t talk/hung out in at least 10 years!!  It is awesome that running is what is bringing us back together!
Soooo.  Stinkin’.  Excited!
Thanksgiving was great.  Lots of food and just hanging out.  I didn’t even take a bunch of pictures but did force a few out of my family!
I was sad about pie, he was being silly!
Surprise selfie!!  He hates pictures!
She is so beautiful!
For those of you that have been reading you will know my contemplation I had in racing or not.  Welp, I didn’t race or run in a race at all.  I don’t want to push my body harder than I should and the couple I had thought about doing were just not going to be part of that plan.  I know me and I wouldn’t have been able to run without pushing it too hard.  So I just didn’t do it!!!  The Turkey Trot is just going to have to wait until next year!
I am going to be running later today and trying work off some of the calories I took in yesterday!!  By my calculations I need to run like 1075 miles!  Haha!!
But first, I must finish this cup of coffee and enjoy the extra day off of work!
Took this while writing this post, she doesn’t want a “we haven’t even brushed our hair yet” selfie!!
Stay safe today!!!

6 thoughts on “For one day I will go into hiding!!!!

  1. Black Friday has only just made an appearance in the UK which is just the oddest thing because we don't do Thanksgiving!? It's just a way to get people to buy rubbish they don't need. Luckily I was safe at work! Glad to hear your run went well, and that's so sweet about your son following.


  2. I'm glad you found a third for the relay! That race is going to be so much fun. I'm sad I won't be around for it (but not *too* sad, really, because I'm going to be back home instead where my sweetie is and we still have shorts weather and it's really pretty great).


  3. I am enjoying this lovely extra day off work too. I slept in until almost 11am!!!! Hah! Whoops!

    That's so exciting that you found the third for your 50K relay!

    I hope that you are feeling a bit better emotionally today. What a great kid to trail you to make sure you are safe!!! That is so awesome!


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