Weekend highlights!

It is hard to wrap a whole weekend into one normal size blog post so I am just going to give you my highlights!!

J hates photos!  So when he will take a selfie, I get a couple.

He wouldn’t let me take the photo!

So I made a sad face…
K found a Christmas tree she had to take a pic of, just a little blurry!!
She was super excited because it was HUGE!
Had my Grandmothers 85th birthday party this weekend!!!
We went here for dinner
She is partying hard!
She is listening some family sing
They are missing only 1 of the kids for this pic!
My Grandmother and 10 of her 11 kids, the 11th couldn’t make it up for the party!
My Grandma quickly replaced her missing child with Phil!!
Fits right in doesn’t he?
We are known for singing!
A couple aunts/uncles and Grandma!
We also had fun just hanging out at home and cleaning!  No awesome photos of that!!
And today is Meatless Monday in the #Elf4Health challenge!  I was a vegetarian for many years so going meatless is super easy!!!  I love being able to be creative with food!  Have not yet decided what I am going to make but I will definitely post about it tomorrow!!!!
Do you have a large family?
What kind of things do you do at family functions?
Anybody else in Elf4Health??

8 thoughts on “Weekend highlights!

  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! I have a HUGE family. Both sides–I am up to 20 nieces and nephews! When we get together–a LOT of eating, a LOT of kids running around playing, a LOT of fun!


  2. Happy 85th to your grandma! She look like she had a great time! 🙂

    I have a really small family. My dad was an only child and my mom has one sister but she never had any children and I am an only child. I (sadly) never had any cousins or siblings to hang around with when I was younger!


  3. How wonderful that you were able to celebrate your grandma's 85th with her! It looks like a great birthday party.

    I thought I had a large family, but we aren't that big! I'm the youngest of 5. I can't even imagine what being the youngest of 11 would be like. Wow!


  4. Happy birthday to your grandmother! Looks like a fun celebration. We have a very small family as my parents don't have brothers and sisters, Ben's an only child and I only have on sister. Very small but cozy 😉


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