Hugging runners and eating pasta!


Who will you hug today?
Yesterday I decided that I wanted a hard workout.  So after I left work I drove home planning!    I came up with a rough plan of what I wanted to do and asked D if he was in before telling him what I was thinking!!  He agreed and I broke the silence.
Mile repeats on the treadmill.  Not too bad right? 
Here was the catch.  We would alternate, and while one was running the other would work on this list.
1.  100 crunches
2.  20 burpees
3.  1 minute plank
4.  20 push up jacks
5.  40 lunge jumps
6.  1 minute Russian twists
7.  50 jumping jacks
So, yeah, it was HARD!! 
I started with a 10 min/mile warm-up.  After that I took my turn at the list.  I only got through my plank before D was ready to switch!  That speedy little sucker did his warm up at 7:30 pace!
We kept this routine up but both sped up our miles, I moved up to 8:34 pace and he to 6:40 pace.  This made us work hard but not kill ourselves.  In between each mile we would focus on getting the list done and once we finished it, start over again.
Needless to say I am SORE as all get out today! 
I also made the quickest easiest most delicious dinner last night!
Butter Garlic Shrimp Pasta!!!  It took a whopping 15 minutes to make and taste amazing!  I love making up recipes!! 
I used whole grain spaghetti to make up for the stick of butter!!  <– Proper reasoning!
Do you ever just make up recipes or do you use a book/web page?
What kind of interval workout did you do last?
Whole grain pasta?  Yes or No?  I personally love the stuff!!!

12 thoughts on “Hugging runners and eating pasta!

  1. Hope you hugged a runner! I definitely hugged steve a lot….but thats an every day occurrence! I LOVE whole grain pasta, and LOVE making up recipes as I go…which you see a lot on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend friend!


  2. Just found your blog! I'm an Indiana girl, too! That workout looked awesome. I wish my husband ran so we could do that workout together. My favorite interval is to warm up for ten minutes, then I start at 7.0 and every 30 seconds I bump the speed up a .1. So within 5 minutes I'm up to an 8.0. Then, I work my way back down. I try to do this for 6-7 miles – it's pretty intense!

    Whenever I try to make up recipes, they turn out inedible 🙂


  3. I always make up recipes–usually it ends well!
    I mix the pasta half and half–less complaints from the nut gallery that way!
    Wow! I can see why you would be sore!! Good job!


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