Bambi on the run

Running at this point of the year can be extremely fun but also is the time of year we need to be more aware.  Yesterday I went for a run and had a blast but, I also had to be careful to make this happen.
With the wind chill it was only 1° out so taking care of my skin and body had to be a priority. 

When I am running in cold weather I always wear my Bula neck gaiter.  These are moisture wicking, comfortable and you can get a multitude of colors.  My favorite is pink stripes!!

The reason I wear these on all my cold runs is for my lungs.  My lungs take time to adjust to cold weather and also they don’t like freezing air being put into them.  Wearing my Bula over my nose and mouth helps my breathing tremendously!  My lungs don’t hurt from the cold air, my face stays warm and my concerns for things like frostbite are gone.
Knowing how the wind chill effects our bodies is important.  You have to know the limits that we can take when being active in colder weather.  I used the chart below to show examples of how long it takes before our skin will freeze if exposed to certain temperatures/wind factors.
I also always have a hat on my head!!  40% of our body heat is lost through our heads so I am keeping that baby covered up!!  I almost always use my Early Pony Beanie from GracedByGrit!  This has a hole in the back for my pony tail so it is not bugging me by being shoved under the hat.  This hat is extremely warm and comfortable!  You can save 10% on yours by using discount code: GBGXOPRO161.  

During last nights run I did have to use a different hat due to my chosen running path.  I was near fields and woods which are a common hunting area.  So since I didn’t feel like being shot at I wore something a little, more…..visible!

Turn off the lights and I’ll glow…
I also wear these gloves while running.  They are awesome!  They keep my hands warm but still functional.  I don’t have any problems holding onto things or using the phone etc.

So now that I got what I wear to help me stay warm out there let me tell you about my run.  First, it was cold!  It was also getting dark fast!  We didn’t leave the house until almost 6pm!  Once we got out on the road we decided we would just to 2 short miles and then head back to the house for some core!  We wanted to be safe and our road has some curves with ice on the road it was best not to be out after dark.  We had our lights on but still there is no such thing as being too cautious running out where we live!
We did see bambi out running around!  She took off too fast and I couldn’t snap a photo in time!

Our stats upon returning to the house…

I haven’t been running far, nor fast but I have been feeling better with each run.  I am going to start adding my distance slowly to make sure my body is ready.  For now nice and easy does it for me!!
I had this for breakfast!
Leftovers have to be eaten by someone!!  I only had one!
I love when other departments have meetings at work! 

What is your favorite cold weather accessory?

Do you ever see wildlife while running?

Do you take ALL the donuts?        


6 thoughts on “Bambi on the run

  1. Last year it was so super cold in January I really considered moving!! I think migrating south is seriously becoming an option…now if I can convince my work!! I would love to be able to look at hot weather charts and have them apply to my life!


  2. I always wear “hunter's pink or orange” until hunting season is over Jan. 1!
    I don't really like donuts–crazy, I know.
    Stay warm–we have cold here in NH, but not as cold as you are!


  3. That wind chill chart is really interesting! I have no idea why I clicked to make it larger and stared at it for a long time since cold temps are definitely not a concern for me, but I love stuff like that! I obsess over hot weather running charts! haha

    So awesome to hear that you've been feeling better with each run! Nice and easy sounds like the perfect way to transition into that extreme weather!


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