Country, trails and a book

So Friday I took my kiddos to their FIRST concert.  They had so much fun!  We got to see Jordan Rager, Colt Ford and Justin Moore.  If you didn’t know these are all country artists.  My hubs is a huge country fan thus so are my children.  I don’t mind it and I will say that this was a pretty good concert I just didn’t know all of the songs! 
My kids are also concession stand freaks so they had lots of stuff.

It was her idea to act like we were eating it!
I had some stuff too.
That was $8….least favorite part of venues!
It was nice to get out of the house and do something as a family like this.  Much better than a museum or zoo!
Photo bombed by cotton candy!
Saturday I woke up itching for a run!  I really wanted to get out on the trails.  I know I need to also if I am going to run the Huff in December!  It is a trail race!  D and I loaded up and headed on over to Pokagon State Park!  It was the best decision EVER!!!!!
The trails were beautiful.
That’s D leaving me in the dust!
The weather was perfect.
We took our time, stopped to take selfies, enjoy the scenery and a couple of times we had to figure out which way we wanted to go.
Climbing trees!
We took the hard route and head to Hell’s Point, of course I forgot to snap a pic but it was a huge hill with a couple hundred steps leading to the top!
Yeah, not that bad!
The run wasn’t the longest but it was the furthest I have run in the last month.  It felt great and we had a ton of fun!!!  I never paused my Garmin so I am not really sure what our splits were since we stopped whenever we wanted just to soak it all in!
Just a little glare
Sunday after church we went out for breakfast and D ordered some pancakes.
Holy pancakes!!
The kids decided a dusting of snow warranted snow pants and playing outside.  Which gave me time to read a book!  I have been trying to read The Fault in Our Stars By John Green for awhile now  so I snatched it off the shelf and read it.  Yes, the whole book.  It was a good read.  Not long but interesting.  It also is not my normal type of book to read but John Green did a good job holding my interest as a reader.  I would definitely recommend this book.
Do you like trail runs?
What was the last concert you attended?
Do you read books all at once or take your time? 

10 thoughts on “Country, trails and a book

  1. That trail run looked fun. I took my daughter on a trail run on Sunday and we were wishing for snow!!!
    I am definitely a “finish the book in one sitting” if I enjoy the book. I keep a book in the car for when I am waiting for the kids–those take me a while to finish…


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