Cookies, snow and a track

Went on my first run in the snow!  Ok it wasn’t snowy snowy but there was snow…little bits of it!  We did have to bundle up to keep warm, it was only about 28°. 

Aren’t we cool?
As much as I do not like the idea of winter coming quick it was nice to run in the snow.  D and KK went with me and we headed to the track!
Just a light dusting!
Our local track also has a farm near it so to warm up we ran 3/4 mile around one of the fields while KK road her bike with us.  It was really a lot of fun! 
It’s blurry…I was running!
We did 400 repeats and boy did I realize how much fitness I have lost in the last few weeks!!!  I have only done a couple of short easy runs and repeats hurt.  They always hurt but these were not fun!!  I only managed to squeak out 4-400’s at 1:45 with a 400 recovery jog in-between each rep.
Once we finished up it was getting pretty darn dark out, since it was all of 5:30pm!!  So we got back to the house and headed in to warm up!
After we were nice and toasty D decided he was going to make cookies!!!!  I love this kid and his baking abilities!  He is old enough now that I really don’t have to help AT ALL!!!!  I just get to eat the finished products!
His face though!
I also stole some cookies for work and for whatever reason he would not let me have this one.
Moms should get the biggest cookie!
This run and post run activities really solidified how much fun I am having right now.  I did a workout that hurt extremely bad but still feel great about the entire thing!  I am excited to be running again and grateful I can do so pain free!  Another positive thing that happened after this run—> I did core!  I haven’t done any core in awhile and ouch!  I have told myself I am really going to work on my strength training so I am really happy that I made no excuse and sucked it up!!!
Have you run in the snow yet?
Who does the baking in your house?
What simple core exercises do you prefer?  I love Russian twists! 

2 thoughts on “Cookies, snow and a track

  1. I ran in the snow yesterday! It was so much fun!

    I'm such a slacker with core exercises. I need to get back to doing them more regularly. I usually just find a video on youtube to follow because that helps me to actually have a plan and do it. If I try to do core on my own I'll do a plank for like, 30 seconds and call it a day.


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