To race or not to race? What a loaded question!

Racing…I love racing!  I want to race!!  However, I am going to be starting my training cycle for my marathon mid-December.  So should I race?  If I do what distance?  These are the things I can’t decide!! 
What I do know…
I don’t want to run too much between now and when this cycle starts.  I want to be fit and fresh so I can work hard and see great results.  I have planned out for the last couple of months what this cycle will contain and even planned for the weather.  I am giving myself a long training cycle and making room for possible missed training days due to weather here in the lovely state of Indiana!!  Last year we had several days of the roads being completely shut down due to snow, this repeated would cause issues.  Plus, we had several other days that were sub-zero with even worse wind chills.
I have a few local races I may or may not partake in and I just don’t know if I should or not!!!! 

First race on the 22nd.  There is a local 5k that is for a local family trying to save money for an adoption.  This I am sure I will do just for the cause.  I know a few folks from my running club will probably be there as well.  I will mostly just run not race! 

Second, a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning!  I just want to do this so I can eat more mashed potatoes with gravy!!

Third, The Santa Hustle…this is a half marathon.  I want to do this one for fun.  The race runs through Cedar Point, they open the park just for this race.  I think it would be fun to run through a amusement park in the winter! 
And lastly, The Huff 50k relay.  This is a 3 person relay and each leg runs 10.8 miles.  It is a trail race and if by chance I can find a third person we are definitely doing this!  Anybody going to be in northern Indiana on December 20th that wants to run 10.8 miles?????
So to sum it up I have 4 races I want to do in the next five weeks.  I am not sure if I will do all or any of them.  I don’t want to race them all but would like to participate. 
I also found this and it made me laugh!
Opinions race/run/none??
Do you participate in a Turkey Trot?
Have you ever run a race at an amusement park?

6 thoughts on “To race or not to race? What a loaded question!

  1. See personally I'd say don't race. Run the races but don't race them. Your body needs to chill for a bit – even the elites have an off season. It gives the body chance to refresh itself. The worry is that you'll be pooped before you've even begun training. But that being said, you can still have fun running a race just without any crazy time ambitions…


  2. That is such a hard decision. All of those races sound fun. I'll be back home on Dec. 20th, but if I were around I would LOVE to run that relay. 😦 I think the local 5k and the Turkey Trot are worth doing for the cause and for the potatoes 🙂 I've always wanted to go to Cedar Point, so I think you should do that if you can, but maybe you could just take it easy and not race it so you don't mess up your training plan.

    p.s. – do you have snow yet? We've gotten so much already this morning!


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