Wandering Wednesday

Last night I read this and just don’t understand why.  Why would you lie?  Is winning really that important to you?
I could never be this deceitful.  The running community doesn’t need this in it.  Runners are amazing people.  We support, cheer, congratulate, advise, and just treat each other like a family without knowing each other on a real personal level.  We are a community!  We don’t need people tainting that.  I don’t know of any other sport that has this kind of camaraderie.  Rant over!
I don’t get it either bud…
I am very much so not liking this daylight savings thing.  I really wanted to take Roxy my Black Lab out with me last night for a run but, it was dark and raining before I knew it and I don’t have any reflective gear for Roxy.  I also haven’t run with her before and don’t want to take the risk of her deciding not to behave and it be dark at the time.
My girls
I had this and it made me happy!
My dad drinks this every now and again
I have always loved running in cooler weather but not COLD!  I was checking out our weather forecast and got a little disappointed when I realized its not supposed to come out of the 30’s for at least the next 10 days!!!  Winter is coming and I am depressed.
See the snow icons!
Have you had this?  I am a fan since about 2 days ago!
This felt good!
Have/do you run with a pet?
Do you like winter running?
How do you feel about what Tabatha Hamilton did?


6 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday

  1. Allergic!! I don't know what I would do! I love my doggies! Dog Vacay sounds really cool!
    The boots and scarves are ok, the having to start your car early, scrap ice, deal with people that can't drive and having wet floors everywhere you go are NOT fun at all!


  2. The 30s sound lovely to me! I think I'd enjoy getting all bundled up and getting to wear boots and scarves! I'm sure that would last all of a week though before I'd be over it, haha.

    I am allergic to dogs otherwise I would SO have one that I could take running with me. I just found out about this site called Dog Vacay where you can sign up to walk / take care of other people's dogs while they are on vacation. I am thinking about signing up as a dog walker just so I can take other people's dogs running, haha. You can specify requirements so I will specify that I only want to walk dogs that are capable of going for a fun run with me!


  3. I don't mind colder, but sub 20–yuck.
    My dogs go on “cool down” walks with me, they are 10pound Bichon–they don't approve of too much exercise! They even sit down if I try and take them too on 2 laps of a cool down!


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