Perfect run and GracedByGrit

Last night I went for my first run since the 1st of the month and boy did it feel goooooooooooood!  I put on my newest running gear (back to that in a moment) and headed out into the most beautiful fall evening!!!!!  Just shy of 50°, sun going down, slight breeze and D as my company!
We made sure to wear some safety lights as running at dusk, in the country, down cornfield lined roads, during hunting season and fast moving traffic can always keep you on your toes.  We were now well lit and ready to run!!! 
Side note:  I have several different types of lights.  During this time of evening I always choose lights like these.  In the community I live in we have plenty of Amish that wear this type so drivers are more aware of them and what they are for.  If it is completely dark I have a completely different light system I use. 
I decided I just wanted to try out a couple of miles and see how that felt.  I have only done minimal running in the last 3 weeks and knew I just wanted to go by the feel of it all.
We started off and a nice easy pace, we chatted and joked about random things, I felt good!  Half mile in, no pain in my foot but my chest felt a little tight from being sick.  We hit the mile turn around and I knew I was good!!  No pain other than the post illness stuff which was expected!!!!!!  We turn around and headed back to the house, I loved it! 
I can’t explain how good it feels to know I can run pain free!!!  Now I have to just build up the fitness I have lost over the last couple of weeks but I am really thinking its not going to be that bad.  Just be able to run makes it worth every minute!!

When we got back to the house I looked at my Garmin and was pretty shocked with the pace we had kept.  Of course it was easy peasy for my speedy kid but I really thought we were moving slower than we were!!  <–hope that's a good sign!
Now, back to my new outfit!!  Tonight I wore an outfit made by GraceByGrit a growing line of workout wear made for women by women!  Their apparel is amazing!  Seriously!  I am always skeptical when it comes to new to me brands but this one did not disappoint. 
GracedByGrit knows what they are doing!!  For this run I wore a Seamless Nice Lines Tank and the Land and Sea Booty short.
Yes, those are socks! 
The tank is super cute and soft as soft can be…OMGracious I am NOT I mean NOT joking!  I have a lot of different brands of tops.  I am kind of a top junkie if you will and this is by far the softest top I have.  This tank also stays in place.  It didn’t ride up at all while I was running like some tighter fitting tanks do.  And the back is so cute!  I know I will be adding more of these to my running wardrobe!!! 
The short was awesome too!!!  The fit was great!  They have a small pocket on the right front and a larger one in the rear of them.  Both are completely hidden and hold plenty.  While we ran I had my iphone in the back pocket and it didn’t shift at all.  The shorts stayed in place and I even ran some strides trying to get them to move around with no success!  The shorts are made with a good level of compression so my booty looked great in them.  I felt confident in these which can be hard for me in a short.  They are also water compatible so I will be able to wear them while I ski, wake board or just hang at the beach but they are quick dry so I can go straight from Land to Sea!  <—hence the name!
If you haven’t checked out GracedByGrit, you should!  Also if you want to purchase something….you should really at least try one item.  You can get 10% off by using the discount code GBGXOPRO161 at checkout. 
Please note: I am affiliated with GracedByGrit, and although they sent me these items to try, all opinions are my own. 
What kind of safety lights do you use? 

Do you have runs you consider perfect?
Do you have any brands you just love?


8 thoughts on “Perfect run and GracedByGrit

  1. I love the running pic! You look like a total pro flying down the road!

    I might need to check out that top if it's the softest top ever!!!

    When it comes to shoes I'm Brooks all the way, and when it comes to everything else I'm 95% an Under Armour girl and 5% random stuff (mostly from Target lol).


  2. I bet it felt amazing to be back out there!

    I feel like I have Brooks everything, haha! I love Graced By Grit's design but haven't bought anything from them yet. I wonder if my fiance will get the hint if I send him that discount code! 🙂


  3. YAY! So glad you felt good! Don't running clothes being cute and comfortable make such a difference too? I wore arm warmers yesterday too, and I have never done that on a normal run before 🙂

    Brands I love, I think you know my answer… Saucony of course! I do also like sketchers…shhh 😛


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