How I stay so healthy<—insert sarcasm

I AM BACK!!!!  I really didn’t go anywhere but I was not blogging anything with the yuck I had!  My kids had all been sick and decided to be the best children EVER and infect me!  So while dealing with my throat feeling like it had razors in it and my head wanting to split open to relieve the pressure, I didn’t do much creative anything!! 

Making sure we properly take care of ourselves when ill is a very important part of the healing process.  We need to nurture our body and help it heal by doing all the right things!! 😉

So what have I been doing to take care of myself while being sick???
First and foremost I have been making sure to consume nutritious meals so that my body can heal.
Loaded with protein

I also have been resting and not moving around a lot.  This is also helping me recover.

Very relaxing
I had to take some OTC lozenges to help out.
Taste awful!
Eating some more good for me food.
Doritos for crunch!!
I do not get sick very often and I am starting to realize it is probably because I take such good care of my body!  Did you read this post?  It shows some of the things I consume that probably help keep me healthy too!  Seriously though I haven’t been sick in years not like this anyway.  A little stuffy every now and then but that is all.  So even though I am not a nutritionist nor health professional if you would like to try my style of health care…go for it.  No promises this will work for you, but it apparently works for me! 
Now that I am feeling better and much more ME!  I am going to finish out my Monday by trying to go for a run and see if all this resting and eating good helped my foot out!  I will most definitely let you guys know how everything turns out!!
Happy Monday!!!

6 thoughts on “How I stay so healthy<—insert sarcasm

  1. Hope you had a great run!!!!!

    And that you are feeling better! Those cough drops do taste awful but they really numb your throat right up.

    When I'm sick I just eat whatever I want too. I mean, when we're sick we eat less than usual so we might as well make each bite count with the good stuff! 🙂


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