Weak on Wednesday

Today I wanted to share what kind of foods I have a weakness for.  As athletes we are always trying to find that perfect balance of what is best for our bodies and our sports.  However, there is weakness in all of us and some products tend to show that more than others.  Another reason I have this blog is to let it all out.  Not hide from these weaknesses but share them and talk about them.  It would be easy to sit at the keyboard and pretend I am stronger than what I really am however, this is the fun part!!  Being honest and true to myself and you guys!!!


1.  Mt. Dew!  I know I know soda is not good for me especially Mt. Dew!  The perfect mixture of carbonation and overly sweet orange based syrup goodness.  So so bad yet so so good!!

It’s small but the time is 7:30AM!  I have a problem!
2.  Chips!  Yep chips!  Salty, crunchy, snack size little bits.  All kinds too not just one type.  Although, I really do not like puffs of any sort. 
3.  Movie Theatre Popcorn!  I don’t care if we go out to dinner and then directly to the theatre, I am getting popcorn!!  Theatres do it right and I can’t replicate it at home.  Too much salt + too much butter = popcorn heaven!!
4.  Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies!  Oh yeah!!  They are extremely high in calories and a rarity for me to have one but I really have to make an effort to pass by the little end cap full of them at every gas station known to man!
170 calories of goodness!
5.  Coffee!!!!  This is the worst of them all.  If you read this post, you would know about me splurging for no reason and now having my own personal coffee bar at home!  Haha!
As much as I do love all of these I do have to resist temptation so that I am not completely trashing my body!!  I do have them within reason!!!  I don’t have all of these daily and some, like the popcorn, are maybe a couple of times a year.  But, when I have the chance and I do like to partake in these goodies!! 
What are your weaknesses?
How often do you give into temptation?
What do you do to help resist that temptation?



6 thoughts on “Weak on Wednesday

  1. Lays chips are the best! They are salty with just a little bit of crunch but not so much that you have to be careful not to stab yourself with them! Caffeine does nothing to me, I mean nothing! I can have a ton and then go to bed!! Maybe I am just a little off!


  2. Lays chips–basically they are vehicle for salt. But I love them. I have them more than I should, probably 3 times per week. Mountain dew! I had it once and my eyelids twitched for hours!!!


  3. I have never tried Mountain Dew! The color always puts me off, haha. I am surprised to hear it has an sweet orange flavor, I imagined it to be lemon-line like probably because of the color! 🙂

    I loooove Cheetos All Natural Cheese Puffs. I can eat 10 bags in one sitting! 🙂

    I also buy an iced coffee every single day even though I have a Keurig at home. I can't help myself!


  4. Ohhh man, I love chips. I know they are total crap food but I love them anyway. My others are ice cream, beer and coffee. Coffee is the one I struggle with the most. A few years ago my Dr. told me I needed to cut back, not because of anything directly related to the coffee, but it was aggravating a condition. The Dr. initially told me NO coffee, but I was like, no way, not happening. She said one cup probably shouldn't be too bad. It's awful! Everyone around me drinks it like water too, so unfair!


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