Making the most of it

Injury, this is seriously depressing!  I want to run.  I need to run.  Therefore, I need to be patient. 
Two weeks ago I was running a half marathon, now I struggle with 1.5 miles.  My body isn’t ready.  As much as I want it to be, it’s not.  Could I have prevented this?  I believe so. 
When I was packing my stuff to head out of town for my race I grabbed two pairs of shoes.  My newest pair that I had been breaking in and my older pair that I knew was on the verge of retirement.  When race day came I put on the older pair and knew it would be my last race in them.  Why did I choose the older pair? 
For a couple of reasons. 
They were broken in.  I didn’t have to worry about not having them feel just right.  I had worn them for miles and miles and knew they felt right.  I had never had any more than a little discomfort in them and that was more the running surfaces I was on than the shoes.  Secondly, my newer shoes weren’t quite ready.  I had only worn them for 30 miles or so and they just don’t feel right.  I had been experiencing some left arch pain when I wore them on longer runs and was not going to have that feeling throughout the race!!  That was that and the decision was made.  Was it the right one?  I am not so sure.

Right before mile 8 I felt a pain in my right foot.  No big deal and it went away.  After the race it felt fine apart from a couple small bruises.  Later that day…pain.  Serious pain, but not where the bruise was.  Instead on top of my foot.  The results of Extensor Tendonitis.  You can get this from your shoes!  Surprise!  This is an injury that will feel fine walking around and doing day to day things after a short while but if you try to run!  HA!  More pain!  So nonetheless I tried to run Saturday morning. Fingers crossed, I headed out hoping to complete two miles.  The results…1.5 miles at 8:36 pace.  I didn’t feel a thing until about 3/4 mile in.  I slowed and even walked a few steps after that.  I made sure that it never hurt too bad but realized I am not ready to run yet.  So now what? 

I’ll tell you what! 

Go out and splurge on the latest Keurig 2.0 just because you can!!  Who cares if you already have a Bunn! 
I love this thing!
Eat a salad with way too much cheese on it and some breadsticks because you don’t have to count calories, just count the laughs that come with watching you husband try to eat a sandwich larger than he is!!
It was soooo good!
Can you see the fear on his face??
Take silly selfies with your kids because you can and they love it!
We were suppose to look angry!  That worked!
Make your kid pose with the award he won for Cross Country even though he has the fakest smile you could ever dream of!  But he is still sporting his Garmin!!
To sum it all up, I have had a blast pulling away.  I hate not running!  But at least I have been able to make the best of it!  And for that I am grateful.
Have you ever dealt with Extensor Tendonitis?
Do you like excessive amounts of cheese on a salad?
Keurig vs Bunn?

8 thoughts on “Making the most of it

  1. Your injury sounds so frustrating! Don't try to cheat your body out of the rest you need though. Just remember that time off now will help you come back stronger and (eventually) faster. I haven't had extensor tendonitis but I did have peroneal tendonitis last year. It took 2 weeks off (completely off!) plus lots of icing and stretching to get back to normal. It was so annoying, but I took care of it and haven't had any problems since!

    I LOVE cheese on salads, the more the better! Your's looks like it has exactly the right amount on it to me 🙂


  2. Listen to your body, in the long run (pun intended) a week or two off is nothing. Glad to see you are making the most of it.
    We are a French press household…a dying breed in a K cup world.
    Congrats to your son!


  3. Such a bummer about the tendonitis. I've had top of foot pain before, although it wasn't what you had that kept me out of running for about a week. At least it is nothing more serious and you'll be back out there soon! I remember freaking out and being worried that I had a stress fracture. My doctor was like, “calm down, you runners are crazy :D”

    I love that you went out and got a new Keurig. Retail therapy is the next best thing after running therapy!


  4. I am sorry to hear that. I know how that feels, I was definitely in that situation after Philly marathon last year, but you have to listen to your body, and learn from the mistakes! Never put yourself in the situation to be running in old shoes again 🙂 I have two suggestions for you, primal sport mud is great for tendinitis, if you want to give it a try. And if you are really serious about your running, I would try enduropacks to see if it helps. I REALLY notice a difference, and can't imagine my life without it now. If you use the code tinamuir you will get 10$ off your first box 🙂 Hope that helps! Hang in there!


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