For one day I will go into hiding!!!!

Black Friday is a very scary day for me.  I am currently hanging out in my house hiding from the general public!!  It will stay this way all day!  I try to not leave my house at all (I may even run on the treadmill so I can stay in)! 

I have had a very stressful week that has required some serious runs and don’t need to add dealing with people on black Friday to that list!!!! 
Although a stressful week I had some amazing runs!
My favorite run happened on Tuesday.  I was either going to cry or be a total bitch.  So I ran.  I ran with no regard for pace, no worry about how far, I just ran.  I can’t tell you a total distance all I know is I think I was around 9 minute miles for most of it.  It was dark and cold but I was free.  I really needed this run more than I could have imagined.  I got home feeling frozen and better emotionally.  I can only be thankful for times like this and how therapeutic they can be.  Oh side note:  D was worried about his momma because he knew I wasn’t emotionally feeling well so he tailed me on this run.  Never talked or tried to run with me, just followed and made sure I wasn’t alone.  <–I am definitely doing something right with this kiddo!

At the end of the run, flashy lights and all!
I also found a third running for the 50k relay I want to do!!!!  This made me super happy!  We are going to have a blast and it gives me something to look forward too!!  Our third runner is a old friend of mine from when I was young and we haven’t talk/hung out in at least 10 years!!  It is awesome that running is what is bringing us back together!
Soooo.  Stinkin’.  Excited!
Thanksgiving was great.  Lots of food and just hanging out.  I didn’t even take a bunch of pictures but did force a few out of my family!
I was sad about pie, he was being silly!
Surprise selfie!!  He hates pictures!
She is so beautiful!
For those of you that have been reading you will know my contemplation I had in racing or not.  Welp, I didn’t race or run in a race at all.  I don’t want to push my body harder than I should and the couple I had thought about doing were just not going to be part of that plan.  I know me and I wouldn’t have been able to run without pushing it too hard.  So I just didn’t do it!!!  The Turkey Trot is just going to have to wait until next year!
I am going to be running later today and trying work off some of the calories I took in yesterday!!  By my calculations I need to run like 1075 miles!  Haha!!
But first, I must finish this cup of coffee and enjoy the extra day off of work!
Took this while writing this post, she doesn’t want a “we haven’t even brushed our hair yet” selfie!!
Stay safe today!!!

Five Favorites with a laugh!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I saw these and started laughing…they both made me very happy!

That is my kind of turkey!
This is going to be quick but I wanted to share some of my favorite turkey day savings.  I must admit I go into hiding for Black Friday and don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary but I do browse the world wide web for my favorites to see what can I deals I can find!!
Here are my favorite 5 for now….I am sure I will find more!
1.   ItWorks wraps!!  If you haven’t tried them you should!  I have used  these before and they have other great products too.  They help slim you down without having any negative side effects and you can do this all in comfort and it is NOT noticeable to other people (other than the size change).
Buy 1 get 1, limit of 5
2.  PocketProtein and PocketProteinKidz!!  This is a quick and easy way to get protein into kids and ourselves!  It comes in multiple flavors and tastes great!  Easy for on the go and perfect for refuel after a run!!!  You can save 20% all weekend long by using the code HOOSIER at checkout.  Oh did I forget to mention you get entered for a $500 visa gift card!!! 
3.  GracedByGrit!  They are going to be having great savings Friday and Monday!!!  Use this discount code and save!!!  gbgxopro161
4.  Express!!  One of my favorites!  They are having 50% off EVERYTHING!!
5.  Amazon!  Seriously they have some AMAZING deals right now….check them out!  You can get anything from them for a great deal!
What are your favorite deals right now??? 
Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links in this post in which I am compensated a small amount.

Weekend highlights!

It is hard to wrap a whole weekend into one normal size blog post so I am just going to give you my highlights!!

J hates photos!  So when he will take a selfie, I get a couple.

He wouldn’t let me take the photo!

So I made a sad face…
K found a Christmas tree she had to take a pic of, just a little blurry!!
She was super excited because it was HUGE!
Had my Grandmothers 85th birthday party this weekend!!!
We went here for dinner
She is partying hard!
She is listening some family sing
They are missing only 1 of the kids for this pic!
My Grandmother and 10 of her 11 kids, the 11th couldn’t make it up for the party!
My Grandma quickly replaced her missing child with Phil!!
Fits right in doesn’t he?
We are known for singing!
A couple aunts/uncles and Grandma!
We also had fun just hanging out at home and cleaning!  No awesome photos of that!!
And today is Meatless Monday in the #Elf4Health challenge!  I was a vegetarian for many years so going meatless is super easy!!!  I love being able to be creative with food!  Have not yet decided what I am going to make but I will definitely post about it tomorrow!!!!
Do you have a large family?
What kind of things do you do at family functions?
Anybody else in Elf4Health??

Hugging runners and eating pasta!


Who will you hug today?
Yesterday I decided that I wanted a hard workout.  So after I left work I drove home planning!    I came up with a rough plan of what I wanted to do and asked D if he was in before telling him what I was thinking!!  He agreed and I broke the silence.
Mile repeats on the treadmill.  Not too bad right? 
Here was the catch.  We would alternate, and while one was running the other would work on this list.
1.  100 crunches
2.  20 burpees
3.  1 minute plank
4.  20 push up jacks
5.  40 lunge jumps
6.  1 minute Russian twists
7.  50 jumping jacks
So, yeah, it was HARD!! 
I started with a 10 min/mile warm-up.  After that I took my turn at the list.  I only got through my plank before D was ready to switch!  That speedy little sucker did his warm up at 7:30 pace!
We kept this routine up but both sped up our miles, I moved up to 8:34 pace and he to 6:40 pace.  This made us work hard but not kill ourselves.  In between each mile we would focus on getting the list done and once we finished it, start over again.
Needless to say I am SORE as all get out today! 
I also made the quickest easiest most delicious dinner last night!
Butter Garlic Shrimp Pasta!!!  It took a whopping 15 minutes to make and taste amazing!  I love making up recipes!! 
I used whole grain spaghetti to make up for the stick of butter!!  <– Proper reasoning!
Do you ever just make up recipes or do you use a book/web page?
What kind of interval workout did you do last?
Whole grain pasta?  Yes or No?  I personally love the stuff!!!

Elf4Health!! Have you heard?

I am taking part in a challenge used to promote health and fitness this holiday season.  Elf for Health!!
Elle From According to Elle and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean have joined forces to host this annual event!
This challenge will run from next Monday Nov 24 – Sunday Dec 21, 2014. There are daily tasks, winners, prizes, weekly newsletters, and a Facebook group they have set up for support! 

I am super excited to be a part of this group for the first time this year.  If you choose you can even be paired with another participant to support each other.  Halfway through they will change your partner so you get in more networking!!!  Here is an outline of what the challenge contains!

Are you taking part in this?  Are you going to join in????
Go here to sign up now and join in on the fun of this challenge!!!!

Bambi on the run

Running at this point of the year can be extremely fun but also is the time of year we need to be more aware.  Yesterday I went for a run and had a blast but, I also had to be careful to make this happen.
With the wind chill it was only 1° out so taking care of my skin and body had to be a priority. 

When I am running in cold weather I always wear my Bula neck gaiter.  These are moisture wicking, comfortable and you can get a multitude of colors.  My favorite is pink stripes!!

The reason I wear these on all my cold runs is for my lungs.  My lungs take time to adjust to cold weather and also they don’t like freezing air being put into them.  Wearing my Bula over my nose and mouth helps my breathing tremendously!  My lungs don’t hurt from the cold air, my face stays warm and my concerns for things like frostbite are gone.
Knowing how the wind chill effects our bodies is important.  You have to know the limits that we can take when being active in colder weather.  I used the chart below to show examples of how long it takes before our skin will freeze if exposed to certain temperatures/wind factors.
I also always have a hat on my head!!  40% of our body heat is lost through our heads so I am keeping that baby covered up!!  I almost always use my Early Pony Beanie from GracedByGrit!  This has a hole in the back for my pony tail so it is not bugging me by being shoved under the hat.  This hat is extremely warm and comfortable!  You can save 10% on yours by using discount code: GBGXOPRO161.  

During last nights run I did have to use a different hat due to my chosen running path.  I was near fields and woods which are a common hunting area.  So since I didn’t feel like being shot at I wore something a little, more…..visible!

Turn off the lights and I’ll glow…
I also wear these gloves while running.  They are awesome!  They keep my hands warm but still functional.  I don’t have any problems holding onto things or using the phone etc.

So now that I got what I wear to help me stay warm out there let me tell you about my run.  First, it was cold!  It was also getting dark fast!  We didn’t leave the house until almost 6pm!  Once we got out on the road we decided we would just to 2 short miles and then head back to the house for some core!  We wanted to be safe and our road has some curves with ice on the road it was best not to be out after dark.  We had our lights on but still there is no such thing as being too cautious running out where we live!
We did see bambi out running around!  She took off too fast and I couldn’t snap a photo in time!

Our stats upon returning to the house…

I haven’t been running far, nor fast but I have been feeling better with each run.  I am going to start adding my distance slowly to make sure my body is ready.  For now nice and easy does it for me!!
I had this for breakfast!
Leftovers have to be eaten by someone!!  I only had one!
I love when other departments have meetings at work! 

What is your favorite cold weather accessory?

Do you ever see wildlife while running?

Do you take ALL the donuts?        


Country, trails and a book

So Friday I took my kiddos to their FIRST concert.  They had so much fun!  We got to see Jordan Rager, Colt Ford and Justin Moore.  If you didn’t know these are all country artists.  My hubs is a huge country fan thus so are my children.  I don’t mind it and I will say that this was a pretty good concert I just didn’t know all of the songs! 
My kids are also concession stand freaks so they had lots of stuff.

It was her idea to act like we were eating it!
I had some stuff too.
That was $8….least favorite part of venues!
It was nice to get out of the house and do something as a family like this.  Much better than a museum or zoo!
Photo bombed by cotton candy!
Saturday I woke up itching for a run!  I really wanted to get out on the trails.  I know I need to also if I am going to run the Huff in December!  It is a trail race!  D and I loaded up and headed on over to Pokagon State Park!  It was the best decision EVER!!!!!
The trails were beautiful.
That’s D leaving me in the dust!
The weather was perfect.
We took our time, stopped to take selfies, enjoy the scenery and a couple of times we had to figure out which way we wanted to go.
Climbing trees!
We took the hard route and head to Hell’s Point, of course I forgot to snap a pic but it was a huge hill with a couple hundred steps leading to the top!
Yeah, not that bad!
The run wasn’t the longest but it was the furthest I have run in the last month.  It felt great and we had a ton of fun!!!  I never paused my Garmin so I am not really sure what our splits were since we stopped whenever we wanted just to soak it all in!
Just a little glare
Sunday after church we went out for breakfast and D ordered some pancakes.
Holy pancakes!!
The kids decided a dusting of snow warranted snow pants and playing outside.  Which gave me time to read a book!  I have been trying to read The Fault in Our Stars By John Green for awhile now  so I snatched it off the shelf and read it.  Yes, the whole book.  It was a good read.  Not long but interesting.  It also is not my normal type of book to read but John Green did a good job holding my interest as a reader.  I would definitely recommend this book.
Do you like trail runs?
What was the last concert you attended?
Do you read books all at once or take your time? 

Cookies, snow and a track

Went on my first run in the snow!  Ok it wasn’t snowy snowy but there was snow…little bits of it!  We did have to bundle up to keep warm, it was only about 28°. 

Aren’t we cool?
As much as I do not like the idea of winter coming quick it was nice to run in the snow.  D and KK went with me and we headed to the track!
Just a light dusting!
Our local track also has a farm near it so to warm up we ran 3/4 mile around one of the fields while KK road her bike with us.  It was really a lot of fun! 
It’s blurry…I was running!
We did 400 repeats and boy did I realize how much fitness I have lost in the last few weeks!!!  I have only done a couple of short easy runs and repeats hurt.  They always hurt but these were not fun!!  I only managed to squeak out 4-400’s at 1:45 with a 400 recovery jog in-between each rep.
Once we finished up it was getting pretty darn dark out, since it was all of 5:30pm!!  So we got back to the house and headed in to warm up!
After we were nice and toasty D decided he was going to make cookies!!!!  I love this kid and his baking abilities!  He is old enough now that I really don’t have to help AT ALL!!!!  I just get to eat the finished products!
His face though!
I also stole some cookies for work and for whatever reason he would not let me have this one.
Moms should get the biggest cookie!
This run and post run activities really solidified how much fun I am having right now.  I did a workout that hurt extremely bad but still feel great about the entire thing!  I am excited to be running again and grateful I can do so pain free!  Another positive thing that happened after this run—> I did core!  I haven’t done any core in awhile and ouch!  I have told myself I am really going to work on my strength training so I am really happy that I made no excuse and sucked it up!!!
Have you run in the snow yet?
Who does the baking in your house?
What simple core exercises do you prefer?  I love Russian twists! 

To race or not to race? What a loaded question!

Racing…I love racing!  I want to race!!  However, I am going to be starting my training cycle for my marathon mid-December.  So should I race?  If I do what distance?  These are the things I can’t decide!! 
What I do know…
I don’t want to run too much between now and when this cycle starts.  I want to be fit and fresh so I can work hard and see great results.  I have planned out for the last couple of months what this cycle will contain and even planned for the weather.  I am giving myself a long training cycle and making room for possible missed training days due to weather here in the lovely state of Indiana!!  Last year we had several days of the roads being completely shut down due to snow, this repeated would cause issues.  Plus, we had several other days that were sub-zero with even worse wind chills.
I have a few local races I may or may not partake in and I just don’t know if I should or not!!!! 

First race on the 22nd.  There is a local 5k that is for a local family trying to save money for an adoption.  This I am sure I will do just for the cause.  I know a few folks from my running club will probably be there as well.  I will mostly just run not race! 

Second, a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning!  I just want to do this so I can eat more mashed potatoes with gravy!!

Third, The Santa Hustle…this is a half marathon.  I want to do this one for fun.  The race runs through Cedar Point, they open the park just for this race.  I think it would be fun to run through a amusement park in the winter! 
And lastly, The Huff 50k relay.  This is a 3 person relay and each leg runs 10.8 miles.  It is a trail race and if by chance I can find a third person we are definitely doing this!  Anybody going to be in northern Indiana on December 20th that wants to run 10.8 miles?????
So to sum it up I have 4 races I want to do in the next five weeks.  I am not sure if I will do all or any of them.  I don’t want to race them all but would like to participate. 
I also found this and it made me laugh!
Opinions race/run/none??
Do you participate in a Turkey Trot?
Have you ever run a race at an amusement park?

Wandering Wednesday

Last night I read this and just don’t understand why.  Why would you lie?  Is winning really that important to you?
I could never be this deceitful.  The running community doesn’t need this in it.  Runners are amazing people.  We support, cheer, congratulate, advise, and just treat each other like a family without knowing each other on a real personal level.  We are a community!  We don’t need people tainting that.  I don’t know of any other sport that has this kind of camaraderie.  Rant over!
I don’t get it either bud…
I am very much so not liking this daylight savings thing.  I really wanted to take Roxy my Black Lab out with me last night for a run but, it was dark and raining before I knew it and I don’t have any reflective gear for Roxy.  I also haven’t run with her before and don’t want to take the risk of her deciding not to behave and it be dark at the time.
My girls
I had this and it made me happy!
My dad drinks this every now and again
I have always loved running in cooler weather but not COLD!  I was checking out our weather forecast and got a little disappointed when I realized its not supposed to come out of the 30’s for at least the next 10 days!!!  Winter is coming and I am depressed.
See the snow icons!
Have you had this?  I am a fan since about 2 days ago!
This felt good!
Have/do you run with a pet?
Do you like winter running?
How do you feel about what Tabatha Hamilton did?