My journey thus far

I am going to try to keep this short!  My apologies!!
It has been 5 months and 12 days since I went out for my first run!!!!  It seems like so much longer!  After I finished my half on the 19th it really got me thinking.  It was just 5 months ago I started running again and look what I have accomplished!!  So in honor of the progress I made I am going to outline my path over the last few months and what got me to where I am now!!!!
May:  I quit smoking on May 2, 2014.  I should have never started and it was time to kick it to the curb.  I started thinking about running as something to do to rid myself of any anxiety.  I told myself I would get 2 weeks to let my lungs heal a little bit before I hit the pavement.
First run on the 18th, made smart judgment call that every beginning runner does and signed up for a 5k on the 24th!  I ran/walked 4 days that week before the race and finished my first 5k in 34:42 seconds, only 6 days after my first run!  I did the run/walk approach and was ok with that.   I had also signed up for my half marathon in Detroit on the 20th.  This was the race I was gunning for, the one to keep me running and not let me quit!!

June: I had kept up my running and decided to go big.  Signed up for Color Me Rad on June 21st and my first 10k EVER on June 22nd, you know because that is what smart people do when you have only been running for a month!! 

Rainbow people!
Very slow run on the 21st so I didn’t burn out for the 10k.  Which ended up being a trail race!  The hardest trail race I had ever done, quick side note; I ran cross country for 8 years.  This race was loaded with hills so steep they had bricks blocks stuck in them for steps to make it up without falling.  We ran over a waterfall up hills, down hills, winding through the woods and then up and down a hilly ass road!  I thought I was going to die that day!!!  Fortunately I didn’t and finished with a time of 1:19:19.  Also promised myself to keep running and come back to OWN this course next year if they host this race again! 
July: After June I went on a racing spree!  I was addicted and July had plenty of them to offer!  First up was a race on the 4th, I place 2nd in my AG and was down to a time of 27:53, HUGE confidence booster!!  The next weekend (the 12th) I took on another 10k!  This time it went much better, I did walk a little in the last mile and a half or so but I finished in a time of 58:38!!!  A couple days later I heard about a 5k in a local town and headed over on the 19th and PR’d again this time with 27:18 and 3rd in my AG. 

3rd in AG on the 19th
I started to really think at this point about what might make me better.  I then discussed getting a Garmin with my hubs and he gave me the ok!  I started shopping!!  On the 26th, D and I headed out for another 5k!  This time I didn’t walk!  Not once!  I was so proud of myself for racing and running hard without letting my mind tell my body to walk and giving in to it!!  I was getting stronger!  I PR’d and won my AG with 26:09!!!  I was on the best running/racing high at this point from the success July was bringing me!  I ordered my Garmin with hopes to get it before my 10k at Zooma on August 2.  Then it happened…my first injury!  On July 31st, I sprained my ankle.  Not just a small sprain, but a severe grade 2 sprain.  NOT GOOD!! 
August: Zooma was upon me and I was freaking out!  So I made another really smart running decision and went anyway.  I told myself if it started to hurt I would stop.  Who was I kidding?  It hurt all the time and I limped when I walked!  Seriously dumb stuff but I ran anyway.  I got up in the morning, took ibuprofen, iced, rubbed some pain cream on it, and put on an ankle brace I bought the day before.  I ran and I conquered!  It didn’t hurt at all until mile 4???  I was amazed and then it was more of a burn inside feeling and I just wanted the brace off!!  I ended up with a 56:01…new PR on a bum ankle!!  Whoop whoop! 

Icing after Zooma
After that I laid low for a couple of weeks and got bored so I signed up for another fun run and a half marathon on back to back days…I am so smart, are you seeing a trend here? 
More rainbow people!
So on the 23rd I ran a very slow 5k and on the 24th…my FIRST half marathon!!  I had only ran a max of like 7 miles and had hardly ran at all since Zooma due to my ankle.  All faired well at a super easy pace until mile 10 or so.  I wasn’t fueling properly and could tell.  Everything hurt and I had to start walking for about 10 secs then run for few minutes.  I finished and swore the next would be better.  Time 2:23:00.  Took next few days to rest due to my right quad bruising from the run!!
He won me a bottle of wine for our first Half experience!
September: All I did in September was focus on training and eating right.  The only “race” I did was a fun run with my husband on the 27th, we ran slow and I think it was around 33 minutes or so. 
Pre-race awesomeness!
I focused on working with my cross country kids and getting them through a great season.  I started an 8 week half marathon training plan as well.  So I was more consistent with my training and it helped…A LOT!
And we are here:
October: My first 5k in months for a  PR of 25:45 on the 11th and my half marathon PR of 2:02:55!
5k AG win
Can’t believe I freakin’ did it!
I can’t believe I have come this far, time break down:
                Start                      Now                      Difference
5K           34:42                     25:45                     -8:57
10K         1:19:19                  56:01                     -23:18
13.1        2:23:00                  2:02:55                  -20:05

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in such short periods of time.  I am still going through a lot of self discovery and try to not underestimate myself.  I think I am really standing in my own way a lot.  Hope I can learn to move aside and let my body free!
Have you ever looked at your stats from when you started to now?
Do you ever get a racing high and just have to keep signing up for shorter ones?
What do you think about when you reflect on your running journey?


8 thoughts on “My journey thus far

  1. Hey well done on stopping smoking! My hubby did exactly the same, stopped smoking and started running. It was just the motivation he needed to. Smoking = running badly so it helped beat the temptations.
    You've come so far – congratulations! And we've ALL been there with silly unwise training/race mistakes. I have so many injury stories where I should have just rested that little bit more.


  2. You're a beast! That is amazing progress for such a short period of time.

    I never really looked at my old stats until I started blogging. In fact, I had a 5k race that I had completely forgotten about until I decided to write up PRs for my blog. That would seem like no big deal except that race was less than a year ago, haha. I think the big thing for me is seeing the huge improvement in my endurance. When I started running seriously in 2011, I would have never imagined easily running over 20 miles, but now I can and I do. It's amazing how quickly training can pay off. I think that's part of why I like it so much. Unfortunately there aren't many other opportunities in life to see your hard work pay off so directly.


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