Standing still or moving forward

I am at a standstill with running.  I don’t want to aggravate my foot and stop the healing process but I am going crazy not running!  I am also at the point where I have no more races on my schedule, apart from a remote 10k (more on this later), so I am really trying to figure out what I want to do.
I will start a marathon training cycle at the end of December.  Until then…who knows! 

This sounds good but that would mean more running!!  Ugh!
I have considered running 3 days a week to maintain fitness and joining a gym.  I have not had a gym membership in years and I mean yyyyeeaaarrrsss!  I am thinking that if I do this I could take spin, yoga and strength train a few days a week plus run 3.  Too much? 
The gym membership kind of scares me.  Yes that is weird but true.  I don’t want to join and then not go and let myself down.  I know that I need to cross train if I want to hit my goals for my first marathon next spring.  I need to be stronger and more confident.  I know I can run well, and perform ok.  It is just not where I want it to be quite yet and I feel this might be the missing link. 
Can I tell you guys a secret?  Ok you get it anyway!  I used to run in middle school and high school right?  I quit when I got out of school, and obviously started again quite a few years later.  I do however know that I didn’t apply myself or train to my fullest capabilities when I was younger.  Therefore, a goal I have is to be better than I once was.  <– That's a country song isn't it?  Do you think that is crazy?  It was years ago but I was young and undedicated.  I had no self discipline or care when it came to performance.  I was good enough, I settled.  I will not do that again!
I was close and this kind of relates
Now onto my remote 10k!  I signed up for the LetsGo510 as a remote runner when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to actually run in it live.  I was only 30 minutes from there but the tendonitis in my foot would not have let me participate even if I had tried.  I have never done a remote race before and am really not sure how I feel about it.  I have a race shirt, medal and bib but haven’t ran yet?  Weird!  So once I run my 10k, I just take a pic (duh!) and if I choose I can send them my time information….yes, if I choose.  Once again, weird!  Once I actually run this I will give you guys my stats and mini-recap!! 
On a completely different topic, Halloween is this week!  I’m not sure how this is going to go yet, nor what anyone is dressing up as!!  No, my kids do not have costumes yet!  Yes, it is like this every year!  We will figure it out soon, we have too!!  Ideas anyone???  I am still trying to figure out where the first 9 months of the year went.  I am not liking this almost November, getting cold, and moving into the holiday season thing.  I AM NOT READY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you train in between training cycles?
Have you even participated in a remote/virtual race?
Are you participating in Halloween?  What are you going to be?


4 thoughts on “Standing still or moving forward

  1. I think running 3 days a week and joining a gym sounds like a perfect plan! During training I usually run 6 days a week, so when I'm not training for anything I slow down to 3-4 times a week and do a lot more strength training.

    I don't think it sounds crazy at all that you want to be better than you were! Like a fine wine or good cheese, we get better with age, right? 🙂


  2. Be better than you once were! I think that is the goal we should all be working towards, whether you mean literally be faster or just be more disciplined than you were before. I think it's important to keep working on self improvement.

    I've never done a remote/virtual race. I didn't even realize they were a thing until a few weeks ago when everyone was talking about doing the Beat the Blerch remotely. I'll have to try it out sometime.


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