First run and a busy day

Good morning San Ramon!

The view from my bro’s backyard
I am up dark and early every morning.  That’s just my thing!  So I have been able to see the sunrise every morning since I arrived at my brothers. Since I hadn’t run at all since Sunday I figured I would give it a try Wednesday morning just after the sun was up.  It made me happy but was painful!  My right foot started bugging me about a half mile into my run.  I made it a total of 2 miles at 9 min pace before having to call it quits.  The scenery was beautiful. 
The hills are alive…
Mt. Diablo in the background
It’s blurry….I was running
I even found cows!!
The top of my foot is now swollen and super sore.  I have found it is most painful when I am pulling my toes upward and wearing shoes.  Pretty sure it’s a case of extensor tendonitis.  This is not ok with me.  This could have been caused from my shoes I wore during my race.  I actually retired them after the race and now wish I would have before.  Maybe that would have saved me some pain and suffering!

While my niece and nephew were in school we went to a local shopping center.  I found the Asics store and purchased some new running tights and a long sleeve top, KK got some new running shoes and some pretty cool socks.  Then Ghirardelli was up! 
KK’s bear!
After searching forever KK found some cookies and cream chocolate and a bear for herself.  She picked out something for her brothers as well. 
For the brothers
My niece had a walk-a-thon at school so we went there and watched her walk and walk.  She did a great job. 
They then served a small meal of hot dogs, carrots, chips, and a piece of fruit for the walkers and their families.  The kids still had so much energy we went to a park next to my brothers house to let the kids play for awhile before heading home for the day.
I have a feeling this week will be over before I know it and we will be flying home.
Do vacations always seem to go by fast for you?
What is your favorite brand of chocolate?
Have you ever had tendonitis in your foot?


4 thoughts on “First run and a busy day

  1. Hey! I found your blog through comments on another one (I think Kristina's Blog about running?). I just thought I'd say hi, because I'm a California runner currently living in Indiana for a few months, and I see that you're an Indiana runner visiting my home state right now! 🙂


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