Recovery, flying and family

Race is over time for vacation!  KK and I had plans to visit my brother and his family in California after the race.  So the hubs dropped us off at a hotel close to the airport so we could fly out Monday.  This was nice because we didn’t have much around our hotel and we could just relax.  My right foot had a bruise on top of it after I was done running and was very sore to move anyway so we just kicked back and had some girl time.

The bruising
Monday morning we headed to the airport, had a 50 minute delay then eventually actually got on the plane.  KK had never flown so she was a  little nervous.  The flight was good and she did awesome.    Soon enough we were waiting for our luggage at baggage claim!  My brother met us there.  He helped us with our bags and I limped my way through the airport.  My foot still hurt and legs were a little tight.  This made me very happy with my decision to wear compression socks on the plane!
As we rode back to his house (about 40 minutes) I took time to call the hubs and text the boys.  I sent a couple pictures of palm trees to rub in the warmer weather. <– I really should get mother of the year for things like that!! 
Take that Indiana!!
When we got to my brothers house my sis in law was just getting home with their kids!  They were so excited to see KK.  They all got really silly and started giggling and chatting!  The last time we had saw them was in June. 
We got settled in and headed out for dinner.  We went to a local Italian joint and I had a prosciutto and arugula flatbread.  I forgot to take a picture but it made my belly happy.  This is when I realized our schedules were really going to be thrown off.  It was 8pm local time which meant 11pm back home and KK wasn’t even tired!  Hopefully she adjusts once we finally return home!! 
My brother gave us the grand tour of his gorgeous home and then we got the kids ready for bed.
Tuesday morning came fast!  My work email and phone started going off at 1am local time.  I tried to sleep through it as much as possible but I had to give up trying around 3!  Now I knew we were both going to be off a bit!!! 
We rode along to take my niece and nephew to school so we could see the area a little bit.  The town of San Ramon is beautiful.  KK played some games with my brother while we waited for the kids to get out of school around noon.  Then we had a quick lunch and headed to San Francisco. 
We wanted to do the bus tour of the city so the kids could see everything and experience something fun all at the same time!  You get the bonus of not have to drive yourself with this option as well!  Although it is kind of pricey, you get the option of getting on and off the bus as you please.  This makes it nice and convenient.  We saw so many things it was a lot of fun for the kids! 
Crossing the Golden Gate
Let us take a selfie!  My niece and KK.
I love watching waves break
When we finished this we headed to Rainforest Café for a dinner that the kids would find amusing!  
Creepy eyes!!
Dinner was yummy and the drive back was long enough for the kids to fall asleep!
We got back to the house and everyone was ready to sleep.  So our first full day in the bay area was a complete success!!  If my foot starts feeling better hopefully I can head out for a little run tomorrow!!  My legs are feeling ready!
Have you ever been on a bus tour?

Do you ever have to work when you are on vacation?

Where is your favorite spot to travel too?



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