In awe of a boy and an interview with a newspaper

This weekend has been full of fun and craziness so I am going to divide up the posts now that I have time to actually sit down and type!  This might be a little long but I was super stoked after Saturday’s events!
Friday when I got home we headed straight for Detroit to get to the Expo before they closed at 8pm.  Since it is a 3 hour drive I knew we were going to be pushing out luck!  We made it there by 7 and got inside.  Of course like most Expo’s they had a ton of vendors and the kids enjoyed going from booth to booth checking out the goodies.  They snagged samples of EVERYTHING and wanted to buy something from almost everyone.  I had to make sure I held them back and didn’t let this happen!
We got to the back and picked up the packets for D and I then headed through the crowds to the hotel.  We ordered food in and got to bed early so D could be ready to race at 9am.  KK and J were both racing in the kids fun run at 10:30 as well. 

Don’t mind my comfy pants!  I did total a car a couple of days ago!
D and I were up and getting breakfast by 6:30 and creating our game plan for his race.  I had looked up the previous years results so we knew he needed to start at the front of the pack or he would get stuck behind slower runners.  I talked to him about making sure he held his ground and didn’t let anyone push him further back, due to his size (he just turned 12 in August, he is only 5ft tall and about 70 lbs), people tend to underestimate his running.  After we went over the plan we got up the rest of the family and when they were fed and ready we headed out.
The race was only 1/2 mile from our hotel which was a nice walk.  It was about 40 out with some wind.  It looked like it might drizzle but was holding off for us!  While we waited for the race to start I picked up packets for KK and J while they played around.  D’s race got pushed back 15 minutes due to so many people that didn’t get their packets at the Expo and waited until race morning!!  This was annoying! 
They finally got ready to start the race and D got in the front row and held steady and guys tried to crowd him back.  The race had 2071 runners and they were only divided into three groups, under 24 minutes, 24-32 minutes and then 32 minutes and over.  I thought this could have been done differently but it worked for them.
Waiting for the start!!
They were off!  D started strong as they headed south before they would turn around and head up the river walk right passed where we were standing.  Just after the one mile marker he was in 26th overall and looking good! 
At the start, he is in the bright yellow.
They kept going down the river walk and I had no other place to watch him until he reached the finish.  As the time passed I was really excited to see what he had done while running.  Then I saw him!!!  He was coming in for his finish looking AWESOME!  I had been counting runners and he was now 22nd OVERALL!!!  His official time was 19:59.  I couldn’t be more proud! 
Almost to the finish!
When I went to the finish area, at first I didn’t see him.  He finally showed up and had a news reporter with him!!  He was being interviewed by a kids section of the Detroit Free Press!  They wanted to do a section on him since he was the first kid to finish and did so well.
19:59, 1st in AG, and 22 out of 2071 overall
We then got him some chocolate milk and other items from the finish area.  They had a very well stocked supply of bananas, chips, chocolate milk, water and protein bars.  As he stretched out we walked around and showed the kids how you could see Canada and waited for the kids fun run.
The kids race was much more relaxed and less official.  They lined up and counted down from 10 for the start.  They ran 1 mile around a loop on the river walk.  Both J and KK were excited and ready to go!!  They took off and were looking strong!  I headed over to the return path about 1/4 mile from the finish to run KK into the finish.  As I was watching the kids coming around the corner I saw J!  Holy moly this kid was running! This was surprising because he doesn’t run, at all.  He doesn’t like to and only did this race for the medal and t-shirt!!  He was in the top 10 kids!!  I cheered and giggled as he ran by. 
He is in the gray, see why I giggled???
Kayla was a couple minutes back from him and she was running hard!  D had already started running with her so I joined them.  When we got close to the finish we told her to go hard and off she went.  This was an untimed race but they both did great! 
They look thrilled!
So focused!
We headed to our hotel the kids all got showers and we headed to The Henry Ford Museum for the rest of the day.  It is such and amazing place, they have so many neat things.  If you haven’t ever went you should.  It isn’t just cars, they have all sorts of historical items and is a very cool experience.  They also have an adjoining village you can go through but it was a little cold for this.  In the summer though it is great.
They even have a place to keep your significant other!!!
That is all for this post I will post my race recap from today soon!!! 
What is your favorite part of an Expo?
Have you ever been to The Henry Ford Museum?


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