Country running and beauty

If you don’t live in the country, you need to move there.  Seriously!  I grew up in a small city.  I could walk to school, go three doors down to the neighbors to play and only be within minutes of any type of store/restaurant etc.  These things were great and I never wanted to live in the country.  I associated that with cows, horses and farming.  Yes to me there was only one kind of country and that was it. 

When my husband and I were looking for houses he kept wanting something in the country and I just didn’t like the idea but went with it.  Change can be good right?  Right!  I tend to take where I live and what kind of atmosphere there is for granted.  As we all probably do.  I don’t look at the true beauty of it all enough. 
Last nights run for example.  I just wanted to go for an easy 4 miles and be done with it.  I decided to go a way that I hadn’t in quite awhile to change things up a bit.  Plus, there is a monster of a hill that isn’t too steep but long and I didn’t feel like running flat ground.  I also do a out and back so I do get to go down this hill as well. 
From bottom to top it is .9 miles.
About a mile in I just wasn’t feeling it.  My legs felt heavy and tired, so so tired.  I don’t know if its was from racing over the weekend and then running 10 miles on Sunday but they were wanting to move very easily.  I also started feeling a small ache in the left knee.  This has been appearing every now and then recently, so I dialed it back some so I didn’t irritate it too much.  I decided maybe a walk/run pattern would be best.  Obviously my body was tired and my knee was not being agreeable so easy was the plan. 
This gave me time to actually take in my surroundings!!  It is so beautiful when the trees start to turn in the fall.  Why don’t I actually look at this more often??
There is a house about a mile from mine that has a road side stand.  They use the trust system here, which means you can purchase your items and leave the money in a jar. If you need change you make your own out of the money that is already in the jar.  I love that we can trust our neighbors!  They have a small apple orchard and make the best cider around!! 
The orchard
They also sell pumpkins, squash, apples, and other vegetables throughout the summer.

So quaint!
As my run continued I looked at the trees and fields.  Listened to the birds, soaked up the sun and just relaxed.  It was awesome!!  I really needed a run like this.  I am actually glad that it didn’t go as planned or I might have missed out on the little things! 
My view
I wanted to run at about 9 min/miles, went 9:19/mi.  I didn’t want to walk, I did!  I wanted to run 4 miles, I went 3.  The best part is with everything that went wrong, it was actually right!  I am happy with how it turned out.
Once I was back at the house, D went for his run.  He was a machine and busted out 5.5 miles.  Mile warm up, 2 miles at 5k race pace(actually 6:48/mi), 6 hill repeats (each full loop is .25 mile) and a mile cool down.  He got back to the house and brought in the mail, which contained a package from Ipsy
The bag is super cute also!
They send you a Glam Bag every month that contains samples and full sized beauty products from a variety of brands.  You initially take a quiz to find you style so you get products relevant to you!
Do you take your local scenery for granted while running?
Have you ever purchased fruits/veggies from a roadside stand?

Are you ok with runs that don’t go as planned or do you freak?

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