5 days left and I cannot stop freaking out!

Nerves are getting the better part of me right now.  I don’t like it.  Back when I started running in May I wanted to sign up for a race in the future so that I would make sure to keep running and not let myself quit!  Well that race ended up being the Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half-Marathon!  I decided to run this based almost solely on the fact it was international and the other portion was based on the fact it was 5 months away.  Now it is only 5 days away!!!

I know I am prepared, I trust my training and have a goal pace that I should be able to hold pretty easily.  However, I am worried about my packing skills!  I have traveled for races before and had no issues but this is THE race.  The one I have been training for.  What if I forget something?  Like my shoes!?  Or my race day outfit!?  My passport (which you have to have to be able to participate due to crossing the border to and from Canada)????  Oh that would suck!!!!  Big time!
I am also packing for California, so it is like double packing and that doesn’t help!  KK and I are flying out on Monday so we are just going to stay in Detroit Sunday night as well.  I am packing separately for Detroit and California so that I don’t have to take as much in my luggage.  Plus, my hubs can just take our weekend stuff home with him since we are within driving distance of Detroit.
I have made a checklist and am really taking my time to ensure I don’t leave anything behind but it is really starting to freak me out!!!  
Could this be the taper crazies taking over?  I have noticed that I am definitely more on edge without running as much as I have been.  Sorry to my family for that!!  Love you guys!  HA!  It really hasn’t been that bad but I know my body is used to running quite a bit more.  Also the mental stress that you let go of when out on a nice run, is just amazing!  Tonight,I am going to have a great run just based upon this!
My daughter picked out an item from the store I haven’t seen since I was little.  The smell of this stuff hasn’t changed one bit!  Have you ever played with it?
It makes these balloon looking bubbles, then they go flat never to be used again.
Have you ever traveled for a race and feared you would forget a critical item?

Any suggestions of stuff to do in the bay area?


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