In less than one week!

Did anyone watch the Chicago Marathon yesterday?  I had it streaming on my phone until after Amy Hastings finished!  I love watching races, they are so much fun and to see the elites out there is so inspiring.  It is amazing what a human is capable of! 
Since we ran the Tin Can 5k Saturday we figured we would stay outdoors and do some grilling later on in the day.  The only problem here was the fact we were out of charcoal, so we went to the store to get some and I saw this!
So I had to get one of these.
Ginormous, insanely good pretzels!
Ben’s pretzels are my favorite!  I had no idea they were in retail stores and this makes me very happy!
Sunday marked one week until Detroit!  I am really excited about this and ready for it to get here!  This means I have one more week of easy running/resting.  Which means that the 10 miles we ran Sunday will be the furthest I run at any one point in time this week.  D went with me and we had a lot of fun just chatting and enjoying the sunshine. 
Mile 6 selfie!  With
It was relatively cool out so it made the sun feel wonderful!  We were both a little tight from Saturdays race but after the first couple of miles we felt much better and eventually decided to take a horrible 6 mile selfie!  We love acting silly together!  These are some of my favorite moments as a parent!!
After Saturdays race and Sundays run I am confident going into my half.  I know that I have trained and am ready to do what I need to.  I have a goal I am wanting to hit but will not be too disappointed if I don’t.  First and foremost I want to have fun. 
Now its time to start packing for my trip to California and mentally preparing myself for a great race.
What fall race are you most excited about?

Do you have a food you have to buy whenever you see it available?

What’s your best mental preparation trick?

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