Canterbury 5k recap

Well, this definitely went differently than I hoped but better than I feared!
This is a small town race and usually has around 125 people or so.  D, KK and I got there early to register since we didn’t get this done beforehand.  We took our shirts back to the car and then headed inside to use the restroom and warm up.  It was only 39 out when we got there at 8am. 
The kids race took place at 8:45 and it was just across the soccer field and back.  KK did great!  She started off strong and got tripped by a boy but, she got right back up and took off!  She ended up finishing 5th out of 30 kids!!  They didn’t have any awards but since she was tripped I told her that getting back up and finishing strong is something to be proud of!!

Her first running medal!
The had all the kids that needed to be taken care of head over to the tennis courts before the 5k started.  So KK headed over and started playing with a hula hoop.
D and I took off our sweats and headed to the start.  The course started at the corner edge of a soccer field then after about 100 yards headed out into a parking lot and toward the roads.  They talked to us for a minute and said a word of prayer.  Off we went!!!!
I went out a little faster than normal to try and avoid some of the small kids that were racing.  It didn’t work!  They were sprinting in front of us and weaving all over the place making it hard to pass them!!  Finally I moved around them and settled into a pace.  I was avoiding looking at my Garmin (I would later regret this) so that I could run more by feel. The  course had small hills here and there and had a long down and back that most of miles 1 and 2 were on.  I was feeling good and making progress! 
Mile 1-7:36…oh no, too fast!  As soon as I read this I knew I was in trouble.  I wanted to go out about 20 seconds slower than this and new I would pay for it later.  I tried not to let it get in my head but I really started doubting how well I would be able to hold my pace and if I would be able to even finish without walking!  I dialed it back in hopes of saving my race. 
Mile 2: 8:18, crap too slow!  Why am I not watching my Garmin?!?!?!?!  Ugh, seriously I am screwing this up!  This is where I really got in my head.  Negative thought after negative thought.  I had saw a couple of women behind me at the turn around so I was planning on them passing me, walking, not PR’ing, and just barely being able to finish!  Why do I think like this?  I need to listen to music or something when I run!
Getting closer to the finish I had a couple of times I just wanted to stop!  I was hurting and didn’t care that the finish was only a half mile away I was DONE!  This is also where I almost came to a complete stop and let a woman pass me.  Yes, I looked at her and shrugged let her go by without even trying to stay ahead.  At the end of the race we came back by the start and made a large loop around 2 soccer fields and the tennis courts.  D had finished before me like always and found me with about a quarter mile to go.  He ran along side me letting me know I could do it and I was almost done.  This gave me just the boost I needed.  The woman that I let pass me was not that far ahead so I worked on trying to close that gap until we hit the finish. 
3.13 miles,  25:45.  This is not the time I wanted today at all but it is a PR by 24 seconds so I will take it.  As we were waiting for the results I found out I was the 6th woman overall.  Hey that lifted my spirits a little.  Then D told me he was 4th OVERALL!!!!!!  By the way he is 12 yrs old.  He ran a 20:08 which is a huge PR for him. 
Getting his award!
They started the awards and of course D got 1st in his AG and they moved on to the woman.  I assumed I placed but had no clue if I really did or not.  YES!  I did it, 1st in my AG!!!!!  That feels good!!! 
I am freezing!  Can you tell?
I am happy with placing and the PR but I know I could have done better.  I went out too fast and died.  I haven’t ran a 5k in a few months and really didn’t have a clue as to what pace I would be able to run.  Heck I didn’t even know I could run a 7:36 mile.  This is something I am going to work on.  I definitely am going to pay more attention to the pace my Garmin is saying at my next 5k so I don’t die again!  That might be awhile since my next race is a International Half Marathon, which I KNOW how to pace for!!

Blue ribbon bandits!

My feelings today exactly!
Have you ever died from going out too fast?
What’s the best advice you have received for a short race?
What race do you prefer?  5k, 10k, half or full?

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