Tapering can be fun!!

Since I am tapering I didn’t run at all Wednesday but I did go for a short bike ride with KK.  We went down a road near our house and back for a total of one mile!!!!  Yep ONE whole mile! 

We did tricks!  See that skill!!
She even made sure to change into some really cool workout clothes before going.  You know because we were going to build up a sweat!
Rocking the rainbow socks!
It was fun and we need to do that more.
I am finding that without running as much as I have been I have a new found freedom that I really don’t know what to do with.  I made sweet potato latkes and did nothing much the rest of the night but hang with my family!  It was nice to be lazy for a change. 
What do you do to keep yourself occupied while tapering?


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