Things that make me smile and hills that don’t

I read this article today, are we really that secretive?

Hills, hills and more hills.  You guessed it I ran hills!  They really aren’t that bad I guess if you are into your legs feeling like they are on fire while you continue to turn around and run back up the same hill over and over!  And people think runners are crazy!
I did an easy mile warm up followed by 6 hill repeats up a fairly steep long hill (each repeat was 1/4 mile or so).  Oh, did it burn so good!  Really it didn’t burn good.  It hurt, a lot!  After the hills and a mile cool down, I logged 3.3 miles.  But I put my big girl panties on and pushed through and felt great afterward.
After I drank my chocolate milk anyway!  I love this stuff.
It rained.  Just out of nowhere blue skies rained.  It was crazy.  The rainbow was very bright! 
Photo does no justice to this
Then a storm rolled in north of us and it made me happy.  I love the sound of thunder.  After all the storm excitement the sky looked amazing!  The clouds were in the coolest formations.
Cool right?
I had the most ginormous salad ever for dinner.  It. Was. Awesome.
A full to-go box!
Apparently my daughter had my phone and likes taking selfies with the dog.
My son thought he needed to try and eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese!
Pretty good progress!
Do you like storms?
How often do you run hills? 
Long or short or both?

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