Monday Matters

Monday…that day of week everyone tends to dread.  Back to reality, the fun weekend is gone and you get to push through Monday feeling tired and wanting the weekend to last just one more day!! 

Monday is my day of planning.  I plan out my week of running and make suer other activities don’t overlap. 
My plans for this week:
Monday: Easy mile or two just to loosen up my legs from the long run on Sunday.
Tuesday: 4×800 repeats at 5k pace (or hill repeats) with 3 minutes rest intervals at a slow pace

Wednesday: strength/cross train
Thursday: 3 easy miles

Friday: Rest
Saturday: 30 minute tempo run (I may run a 5k instead though)
Not too many miles this week as I try to keep them low for tapering.
My Monday run was just 1.5 miles easy and was followed up by some foam roller action!  I did get a chance to work on breaking in my new shoes though!  They felt great!
My legs look very tan but I can assure they are not!
My Monday win though had nothing to do with running and everything to do with being a parent.  I made a pork loin for dinner.  To go with it I roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips and broccoli.  My 10 year boy J does not like any of these veggies or so he says.

Holy parsnip!!
When I cut them up before roasting I didn’t think they may not realize what they actually were so was shocked when he thought the sweet potatoes were carrots and the parsnips were potatoes.  He likes both of those so I wasn’t arguing.  I let him go about his business eating and let him know what he had actually had when he was done!!  HA!  I win, he now knows that these foods do taste good and he actually likes them!  Win!
Do you love or loathe Monday?
Plan out your week or just wing it?
Have you ever let people believe they were eating something they really weren’t?


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