Snow and a Salamander

This weekend was my trial run and it was successful to the max!  I did have other things going on that kept my weekend full of entertainment. 

Saturday started with our junior conference for cross country.  The kids ran great and we had a few PR’s.  Overall our teams got 4th for the boys and 7th for the girls out of 12 teams.  Not too bad compared to where we had been in previous years!  I am going to miss working with these kids on a daily basis. 

On a side note while we were waiting for them to hand out awards, it snowed!   Not heavy or for very long but for a few minutes there was snow coming down!?!  Seriously, that can stop for the rest of the year!
I went for a short run mid afternoon. I ran 2.8 miles and took it nice and easy.  The weather was trying to work against me as it was still very frigid and rained on me as well.  The wind added a nice chill to the rain.  I actually enjoyed this, weird I know but, I don’t know what the weather will hold on the 19th.  I know it will be chilly out but it could rain or sleet or every be just perfect out.  My body needs to be prepared for anything both mentally and physically.  It performed well in these conditions and my lungs adjusted to the cold air quickly!! 
My favorite butterfly EVER!
After I ran we went into town to Corn School again so that my husband could meet up with his grandfather.  While they socialized I took the kids to get crazy good pretzels from here and my daughter got her face painted.  She is the coolest 6 year old I know by far!

I wanted to relax the rest of the evening since I had my long run Sunday morning so that is just what we did!  We got pasta from a local restaurant that was amazing!  We sat around and watched The Croods on Netflix.  If you have kids and haven’t watched it, do so, they will love it!  My kids are now running around the house yelling “release the baby!”

Sunday morning was perfect for a run!  A crisp 46° with a nice breeze.  I had my usual pre run white bagel with peanut butter and lemon-lime Nuun.  Waited for D to make his breakfast (he made m&m pancakes!  This kid can cook!).  He always goes with me on longer runs, we live in a very rural area so for safety purposes we never let each other go out alone.

The beginning of the run was beautiful.  The scenery, the weather, I felt great and just new it was going to be an awesome run!

Morning runs are the best in the country!
Miles 1-6 were right on pace, nice and easy and feeling great!  At mile 4 we even seen a little black salamander crossing the road.  That was a first for me!  Miles 7-9 were the only bad ones I had.  My pace dropped slightly as I was having to work harder for it.  I was going uphill with a strong headwind.  I let it get in my head a little bit and started to feel defeated. 
This is where having D with me is nice.  He starts talking about all sorts of things and keeps me occupied while I overcome those mental obstacles!  Have I mentioned he is only 12!!!  I must be doing something right as a parent!
D and I after he finished his first half this past August
I felt great at mile 9 so I picked up the pace a little only to be stopped at 10 to help a dog that was stuck in his fence….poor guy!  So after playing dog saver I continued on to finish strong and feeling great! 
This run was a great confidence booster for me going into Detroit.  For those of you that didn’t know I have only been running since May 2014.  Being able to complete this run and feel as good as I did lets me know I can do well in two weeks come race time!!!
Have you had any snow yet this year?
What do you eat pre-run?
What do you do to get past feeling defeated during a run?

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