Fake it Friday!

Today is all about me preparing for my long run this weekend.  I am not going to do my long run until Sunday since that is the schedule I am on for this particular race.  However, in preparing to run in Detroit I am considering this weekend my official race rehearsal.  I started with cutting out high fiber foods,  getting good sleep and wearing the same clothes as race day.

Tonight I have to make sure to get in a some rest!  I don’t sleep very much during the week, so when I have a chance to snooze I am on it!  Although, I am always up much earlier than everyone in my house so it is vital I go to bed at a decent hour!  And that is the hard part.  
I may harass sleeping people!
Do you have those days when you just can’t shut your brain off when you go to bed?  I do every day!  It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep every night.  I think about everything.  Running, racing, work, play, whatever sport I may be helping my kids with, my kids, and so much more.  I don’t get much down time throughout the day to reflect on life and this is my time.  I need to work on a more appropriate time other than when I am trying to sleep!

So other than sleeping I am also trying to maintain good hydration and positive thoughts.  These both are key for me!  I let thoughts consume me when I started running again and I still feel not good enough.  I know that I can finish the race and know I am much further than where I was. I can’t let the negative roll back in! 

Hydration and I used to not go together.  Water???  What was that?  I would only drink water if it was in something else i.e. coffee, tea, kool-aid…you get the drift.  I now consume more water than anything else, and my body thanks me for that!  

We also had our last cross country practice tonight.  I am going to miss coaching these kids.

I was photo bombed!!!

They are getting ready to play box tag.  Since today was the last practice ever and we have our last meet tomorrow we took it easy on them and had some fun!!  

Then I had to go here and get some new shoes!!  Today I went with the Brooks Adrenaline.

After shopping I always need to eat!!  Off to bed early for a weekend full of running and fun!

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