Corn School? Yes it’s the real deal folks!

Every year, the small town I live in has a street fair.  The main street in town is blocked off and a fair is put in its place.  Rides, vendors, games and food lots of food!  This my friends is called Corn School! Can you tell I live in Indiana?!

The fam and I go on Thursday every year.  This is the day they have a parade and my hubs family goes, so that works for us.  Also, every year, on Thursday the weather sucks!  I don’t remember a time we have went when it wasn’t raining, windy, freezing or just plain crappy!!  You would think we would learn and go on a different day, but we just aren’t that smart! 
Once again this year it was calling for rain!  Luckily, for the first year EVER, we didn’t get rained on while there!!!!  We actually had a gap in the weather and other than being cloudy it turned out to be really great outside!

Corn School!
When we got there the kids took off with their friends to eat elephant ears, drink lots of soda and ride on the death traps!  Don’t get me wrong I love rides!  Just so happens that some of the ones at Corn School are as old as I am.  They never break or have to shut them down so that makes me happy, but they do look like they may not make it too much longer. 
See the Ferris Wheel in the back?  Yeah its probably the same one we use now!
After eating the best pretzel ever we wandered around while the kids did there thing and waited for the parade to start.  It is the smallest parade ever and should probably win an award for that. 
Since it ended up being a crazy busy day when we got home I didn’t run!!!  I am really not happy about missing two runs in a row but in the same respect sometimes I need to let my body relax.  We walked a few miles and I got to watch my kids have a blast!  My body is feeling rested and ready for a good long run this weekend.  I want to make it a good quality run since it will be the last one I have before Detroit! 
Speaking of Detroit, I had a conversation with a runner friend of mine that has ran the full marathon there the last two years in a row.  He let me know that the weather has been in the 40’s at the start of the race both years and running through the tunnel is a much needed boost of heat!  This doesn’t happen until approximately mile 7 so I should be plenty warm by then anyway!  I always find it helpful when you can get some first hand information about upcoming races and courses.  He assured me that the hills in our area will have me well trained to get over Ambassador Bridge with ease.  He let me know also that after that it is smooth sailing!  Hope he is right! 
Do you have a local place that still has street fairs?  What’s your favorite part?
What’s your favorite fair food?
What kind of research do you do before a race?

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