Was that considered a workout?

As I continue to get this blog up to par I would appreciate any feedback you can give on what could be better and if I am fulfilling expectations!  <— I have expectations for everything so pretty important to me here.


We are down to the last few days of the season for cross country and had our last meet before conference last night!  The kids ran great even though the course was a little long (only by a quarter mile, but they are kids which means they complain…about EVERYTHING!)  j/k, not everything, but almost! 
I actually adore the kids on the team, they work hard and have fun!  Doesn’t get any better than that!  Plus, I think running around with young kids 5 days a week is helping me feel young!  They put life into a different perspective and I like that.

They are very serious kids!
So, while I am at meets with the kids I tend to run around the course playing cheerleader and reading off splits.  Yes, I am that crazy lady running around yelling!  Is this considered a workout?
Sometimes I think so, I have used my Garmin before and had it read over 2 miles!  No, 2 miles is not far, however, I don’t slowly run around.  I am moving from point A to point B at about 90% pace, so I consider it a little bit of a speed play workout.  Sometimes using the time and situation you have and are in to get in a little bit of a run can pay off!

I was supposed to do a tempo run but with the meet being away I did not get home in time so I am just going to take it as a rest day and be ok with that.  I will do my tempo run today and get ready to wrap up my high mileage week for this training cycle before I begin to taper!  I am also needing to go here to get some new shoes since I am starting to ache in the knees a little and don’t want to risk anything in these last two and a half weeks of training.

I also got very motivated to do more after reading this

This is super inspiring!

What do you do when life is busy and you can’t get in a workout?

Most motivational thing you have read recently?

Have you ever helped coach middle school kids?  What was your favorite part?  Least favorite?


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