My journey thus far

I am going to try to keep this short!  My apologies!!
It has been 5 months and 12 days since I went out for my first run!!!!  It seems like so much longer!  After I finished my half on the 19th it really got me thinking.  It was just 5 months ago I started running again and look what I have accomplished!!  So in honor of the progress I made I am going to outline my path over the last few months and what got me to where I am now!!!!
May:  I quit smoking on May 2, 2014.  I should have never started and it was time to kick it to the curb.  I started thinking about running as something to do to rid myself of any anxiety.  I told myself I would get 2 weeks to let my lungs heal a little bit before I hit the pavement.
First run on the 18th, made smart judgment call that every beginning runner does and signed up for a 5k on the 24th!  I ran/walked 4 days that week before the race and finished my first 5k in 34:42 seconds, only 6 days after my first run!  I did the run/walk approach and was ok with that.   I had also signed up for my half marathon in Detroit on the 20th.  This was the race I was gunning for, the one to keep me running and not let me quit!!

June: I had kept up my running and decided to go big.  Signed up for Color Me Rad on June 21st and my first 10k EVER on June 22nd, you know because that is what smart people do when you have only been running for a month!! 

Rainbow people!
Very slow run on the 21st so I didn’t burn out for the 10k.  Which ended up being a trail race!  The hardest trail race I had ever done, quick side note; I ran cross country for 8 years.  This race was loaded with hills so steep they had bricks blocks stuck in them for steps to make it up without falling.  We ran over a waterfall up hills, down hills, winding through the woods and then up and down a hilly ass road!  I thought I was going to die that day!!!  Fortunately I didn’t and finished with a time of 1:19:19.  Also promised myself to keep running and come back to OWN this course next year if they host this race again! 
July: After June I went on a racing spree!  I was addicted and July had plenty of them to offer!  First up was a race on the 4th, I place 2nd in my AG and was down to a time of 27:53, HUGE confidence booster!!  The next weekend (the 12th) I took on another 10k!  This time it went much better, I did walk a little in the last mile and a half or so but I finished in a time of 58:38!!!  A couple days later I heard about a 5k in a local town and headed over on the 19th and PR’d again this time with 27:18 and 3rd in my AG. 

3rd in AG on the 19th
I started to really think at this point about what might make me better.  I then discussed getting a Garmin with my hubs and he gave me the ok!  I started shopping!!  On the 26th, D and I headed out for another 5k!  This time I didn’t walk!  Not once!  I was so proud of myself for racing and running hard without letting my mind tell my body to walk and giving in to it!!  I was getting stronger!  I PR’d and won my AG with 26:09!!!  I was on the best running/racing high at this point from the success July was bringing me!  I ordered my Garmin with hopes to get it before my 10k at Zooma on August 2.  Then it happened…my first injury!  On July 31st, I sprained my ankle.  Not just a small sprain, but a severe grade 2 sprain.  NOT GOOD!! 
August: Zooma was upon me and I was freaking out!  So I made another really smart running decision and went anyway.  I told myself if it started to hurt I would stop.  Who was I kidding?  It hurt all the time and I limped when I walked!  Seriously dumb stuff but I ran anyway.  I got up in the morning, took ibuprofen, iced, rubbed some pain cream on it, and put on an ankle brace I bought the day before.  I ran and I conquered!  It didn’t hurt at all until mile 4???  I was amazed and then it was more of a burn inside feeling and I just wanted the brace off!!  I ended up with a 56:01…new PR on a bum ankle!!  Whoop whoop! 

Icing after Zooma
After that I laid low for a couple of weeks and got bored so I signed up for another fun run and a half marathon on back to back days…I am so smart, are you seeing a trend here? 
More rainbow people!
So on the 23rd I ran a very slow 5k and on the 24th…my FIRST half marathon!!  I had only ran a max of like 7 miles and had hardly ran at all since Zooma due to my ankle.  All faired well at a super easy pace until mile 10 or so.  I wasn’t fueling properly and could tell.  Everything hurt and I had to start walking for about 10 secs then run for few minutes.  I finished and swore the next would be better.  Time 2:23:00.  Took next few days to rest due to my right quad bruising from the run!!
He won me a bottle of wine for our first Half experience!
September: All I did in September was focus on training and eating right.  The only “race” I did was a fun run with my husband on the 27th, we ran slow and I think it was around 33 minutes or so. 
Pre-race awesomeness!
I focused on working with my cross country kids and getting them through a great season.  I started an 8 week half marathon training plan as well.  So I was more consistent with my training and it helped…A LOT!
And we are here:
October: My first 5k in months for a  PR of 25:45 on the 11th and my half marathon PR of 2:02:55!
5k AG win
Can’t believe I freakin’ did it!
I can’t believe I have come this far, time break down:
                Start                      Now                      Difference
5K           34:42                     25:45                     -8:57
10K         1:19:19                  56:01                     -23:18
13.1        2:23:00                  2:02:55                  -20:05

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in such short periods of time.  I am still going through a lot of self discovery and try to not underestimate myself.  I think I am really standing in my own way a lot.  Hope I can learn to move aside and let my body free!
Have you ever looked at your stats from when you started to now?
Do you ever get a racing high and just have to keep signing up for shorter ones?
What do you think about when you reflect on your running journey?


Standing still or moving forward

I am at a standstill with running.  I don’t want to aggravate my foot and stop the healing process but I am going crazy not running!  I am also at the point where I have no more races on my schedule, apart from a remote 10k (more on this later), so I am really trying to figure out what I want to do.
I will start a marathon training cycle at the end of December.  Until then…who knows! 

This sounds good but that would mean more running!!  Ugh!
I have considered running 3 days a week to maintain fitness and joining a gym.  I have not had a gym membership in years and I mean yyyyeeaaarrrsss!  I am thinking that if I do this I could take spin, yoga and strength train a few days a week plus run 3.  Too much? 
The gym membership kind of scares me.  Yes that is weird but true.  I don’t want to join and then not go and let myself down.  I know that I need to cross train if I want to hit my goals for my first marathon next spring.  I need to be stronger and more confident.  I know I can run well, and perform ok.  It is just not where I want it to be quite yet and I feel this might be the missing link. 
Can I tell you guys a secret?  Ok you get it anyway!  I used to run in middle school and high school right?  I quit when I got out of school, and obviously started again quite a few years later.  I do however know that I didn’t apply myself or train to my fullest capabilities when I was younger.  Therefore, a goal I have is to be better than I once was.  <– That's a country song isn't it?  Do you think that is crazy?  It was years ago but I was young and undedicated.  I had no self discipline or care when it came to performance.  I was good enough, I settled.  I will not do that again!
I was close and this kind of relates
Now onto my remote 10k!  I signed up for the LetsGo510 as a remote runner when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to actually run in it live.  I was only 30 minutes from there but the tendonitis in my foot would not have let me participate even if I had tried.  I have never done a remote race before and am really not sure how I feel about it.  I have a race shirt, medal and bib but haven’t ran yet?  Weird!  So once I run my 10k, I just take a pic (duh!) and if I choose I can send them my time information….yes, if I choose.  Once again, weird!  Once I actually run this I will give you guys my stats and mini-recap!! 
On a completely different topic, Halloween is this week!  I’m not sure how this is going to go yet, nor what anyone is dressing up as!!  No, my kids do not have costumes yet!  Yes, it is like this every year!  We will figure it out soon, we have too!!  Ideas anyone???  I am still trying to figure out where the first 9 months of the year went.  I am not liking this almost November, getting cold, and moving into the holiday season thing.  I AM NOT READY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you train in between training cycles?
Have you even participated in a remote/virtual race?
Are you participating in Halloween?  What are you going to be?

Running, poses and a fedora

I am back in the real world!  No more spending time hanging out with my mini me and blowing off the rest of the world!!!!
The last week and a half was amazing…it also was the first time in years that I really just stepped away from most everything.  Started in Detroit, moved on to California, then back home. 
Today a recap:

Arrived in Detroit!

D shows us how it’s done with a HUGE PR

Finished but apparently not happy!

Henry Ford Museum Fun

My turn!!

Done and a PR!!!!

Hello California!

Look!  I am a tourist!! 

Strike a pose, see a cow!

On top of the world!!!

She seriously has this pose down!!

Leaving on a jet plane

First run and a busy day

Good morning San Ramon!

The view from my bro’s backyard
I am up dark and early every morning.  That’s just my thing!  So I have been able to see the sunrise every morning since I arrived at my brothers. Since I hadn’t run at all since Sunday I figured I would give it a try Wednesday morning just after the sun was up.  It made me happy but was painful!  My right foot started bugging me about a half mile into my run.  I made it a total of 2 miles at 9 min pace before having to call it quits.  The scenery was beautiful. 
The hills are alive…
Mt. Diablo in the background
It’s blurry….I was running
I even found cows!!
The top of my foot is now swollen and super sore.  I have found it is most painful when I am pulling my toes upward and wearing shoes.  Pretty sure it’s a case of extensor tendonitis.  This is not ok with me.  This could have been caused from my shoes I wore during my race.  I actually retired them after the race and now wish I would have before.  Maybe that would have saved me some pain and suffering!

While my niece and nephew were in school we went to a local shopping center.  I found the Asics store and purchased some new running tights and a long sleeve top, KK got some new running shoes and some pretty cool socks.  Then Ghirardelli was up! 
KK’s bear!
After searching forever KK found some cookies and cream chocolate and a bear for herself.  She picked out something for her brothers as well. 
For the brothers
My niece had a walk-a-thon at school so we went there and watched her walk and walk.  She did a great job. 
They then served a small meal of hot dogs, carrots, chips, and a piece of fruit for the walkers and their families.  The kids still had so much energy we went to a park next to my brothers house to let the kids play for awhile before heading home for the day.
I have a feeling this week will be over before I know it and we will be flying home.
Do vacations always seem to go by fast for you?
What is your favorite brand of chocolate?
Have you ever had tendonitis in your foot?

Detroit….The Race!

I have been waiting to get official pictures of the race before I posted this but still do not have them.  I will post them at a later date!! 
An international race?  Sure why not!  So that what I ran Sunday and it was perfect!  But there were some definite hiccups leading up to the race! 
First, I didn’t eat like I normally would have.  We went out to eat and I had chicken with rice but it was more spicy and greasy that I would normally have before a race.  It was VERY good though so I went with it! 

Second, while sleeping at the hotel I was woke up by the people in the room next to us.  They had a late night and were ridiculously loud when they came back.  They were screaming and swearing to the point of waking the hubs and I both up at 2:30!!  He went and said something to the front desk and they did quiet down thankfully!!  And finally, my family and I didn’t see each other…..I will say more about this in a minute.
I woke up at 4:30 super tired from being up a couple hours earlier and frankly I felt like crap!  I ate my bagel and half a banana, drank my water and changed my clothes.  I walked around a bit and found out the hotel did have a shuttle.  They weren’t supposed to but got one last minute!!  I went back and let the hubs know they could drive separate but needed to be there before 7!!!!  Start time!!!!  I told them I was leaving and my hubs was in the shower the kids were all eating and it was only moans and groans.  No good luck mom, love you…nothing….bummer!!
I hopped on the shuttle and off we went!  When I got off the shuttle I just followed the crowds to the starting area.  Found the restrooms and checked out the starting line!
The start/finish line!
One thing I really liked about this race is they are very relaxed.  I chose to go to corral G which was the 2:05 area.  I didn’t have to talk to any officials or anything they were just cool with you being wherever you wanted.  Nobody was checking bibs or anything. 
After being in the accident 4 days ago I wasn’t sure how I would feel and I thought this would be a safe bet.  I stayed near my corral and kept watch for my fam.  They weren’t showing up!  I called and they still weren’t even parked!!  I didn’t gear check my sweats as I was planning on giving them to D to hold onto.  Stress out #1!  We only had 10 minutes to start time so I called the hubs told him I was taking off my sweats and putting them by the G sign….hoping they could find them and pick them up! 
I’m somewhere out there
I went back to the center of the corral just before the started the national anthems.  Both for Canada and the USA as this was an international race.  They then started releasing us in 2 minute intervals with the hand cycles starting at 6:58.
At this point the fam had made it to the corral but I didn’t know at the time.  I never saw them.
The start of the race was freezing but I never felt too cold.  I talked with the pacer Kendall as she kept us right where we needed to be.  The first couple of miles were kind of boring.  It was cold, dark and we were just heading straight south.  At mile 2 we were getting close to the Ambassador Bridge which is seriously a gorgeous site at night and also when the sun is coming up! 
We hit mile 3 while on the start of the bridge and mile 4 near the end.  It was truly beautiful.  Knowing that behind us the was the US and ahead Canada. 
It gets a little crowded
The arrival into Canada was awesome!  The border patrol were not only watching for our bibs to make sure everyone was in the race and not illegally trying to enter but they were cheering for us and giving runners high fives!  They really made the mood lift and put a pep in our step! 
While in Canada you go down a road right next to the water and they have great crowd support.  People line the streets and are cheering for you the whole time!  We ran miles 4-6 in Canada before heading into the underwater mile (mile 7).  This is the tunnel from Canada to the USA.   It is almost exactly a mile from start to finish.  In the tunnel we lost all Garmin connections and had to make sure to hold back as it was easy to get a little fast with the down hill of the entrance. 
The tunnel was hot, humid and stinky.  I took a gel and slowly consumed it while running through.  Up to this point I had skipped the first water stop but had Gatorade at the others.  I knew there was a aid station on the other side of the tunnel so planned my gel according to this.  It would give me the chance to get the water I needed to wash down the gel.
Coming out of the tunnel was a experience like no other!  At first you feel the cold, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I was so glad at this point I still had my gloves on and my sock arm warmers.  I ended up keeping them on for the whole race.  Then you see the people!  The street is lined with people screaming, cheering, whistling, waving US flags and ringing cowbells.  It was completely ridiculous!  I felt like I was running through a sold out stadium.  You couldn’t help but smile and cheer back at everyone!  Kendall and I gave a few fist pumps and cheers back before heading to the aid station.  We hit mile 8!  Feeling great except my right foot, I wasn’t sure what was going on but it wasn’t injury pain and wasn’t changing my stride, so I just tried to ignore it.  The next five miles were the best of the race.  We had people, bands, beautiful neighborhood streets, people trying to hand out whiskey, and a ton of ENERGY!! 
I let Kendall know that I was going to kick my last mile or so as long as I kept feeling good and she agreed that it was a plan.  She even agreed to yell at me if I didn’t go!! 
As I was running I was really having a hard time focusing on the race.  I kept looking for my family and didn’t see them.  Not once.  I was looking everywhere and hoping that I would see them.  I needed it!  I tried to push these thoughts to the side and run this race for me.  I wanted to push myself and if I didn’t see them, oh well! 
Looking back I think this actually made the last few miles go by faster.  I was distracted and had quit watching my Garmin completely after the tunnel since it wasn’t accurate anymore.  When I saw the 12 mile marker, I told Kendall thanks and headed off!  I picked up the pace and really gave it what I could.  I was feeling really good and started cheering on people I saw struggling.  We were almost done!  Don’t stop now.  Keep pushing!!!! 
I am in the neon orange, just to the left of the tall guy in red!
I rounded the corner for the final stretch.  A little more than the final .1 was a straightaway.  Back to the start (which they had changed to say finish).  I gave it what I had!  I pushed and cheered to people as I passed them.  I passed so many people I couldn’t believe it!  Finally it was there….the finish line.  I crossed with a official time of 2:02:57!!    A huge PR and I still had more left. 
My boys met me in the finish area!!  Finally….my family!!  I received my finishers medal which is very cool, one side of the ribbon is the US flag, the other is the Canadian flag.  We walked through and it was so cold I never even took a photo with my medal or anything!  Yep, big slacker when I am freezing.   

I was so cold when I was done we took off walking toward our car and I wasn’t stopping for anything.  As we walked I had my chocolate milk, water and some snacks to refuel my body.  My feet hurt so I even took off my shoes and walked in my socks!  This is something I would normally never do but I didn’t want to stop moving!!  Once at the car my hubs cranked the heat for me and we drove back to the hotel. 
This race was awesome, the energy, the course (apart from the first 2 miles) and they had it very organized as well.  So even though I felt like everything was going oh so very wrong, it all went right!  I will definitely be going back!
Quick recap:
  1. I had only 1 gel (between miles 7 & 8) and drank Gatorade at almost all stops-this worked really well for me.
  2. I had a 20+ minute PR
  3. My family got no good pictures…I will post some when I get them from the race
  4. The medals are hefty and super cool
  5. Race is large but not so big it becomes a hassle
  6. Highly recommended
Have you ever ran an international race?
What do you do when everything seems to be going wrong?

Recovery, flying and family

Race is over time for vacation!  KK and I had plans to visit my brother and his family in California after the race.  So the hubs dropped us off at a hotel close to the airport so we could fly out Monday.  This was nice because we didn’t have much around our hotel and we could just relax.  My right foot had a bruise on top of it after I was done running and was very sore to move anyway so we just kicked back and had some girl time.

The bruising
Monday morning we headed to the airport, had a 50 minute delay then eventually actually got on the plane.  KK had never flown so she was a  little nervous.  The flight was good and she did awesome.    Soon enough we were waiting for our luggage at baggage claim!  My brother met us there.  He helped us with our bags and I limped my way through the airport.  My foot still hurt and legs were a little tight.  This made me very happy with my decision to wear compression socks on the plane!
As we rode back to his house (about 40 minutes) I took time to call the hubs and text the boys.  I sent a couple pictures of palm trees to rub in the warmer weather. <– I really should get mother of the year for things like that!! 
Take that Indiana!!
When we got to my brothers house my sis in law was just getting home with their kids!  They were so excited to see KK.  They all got really silly and started giggling and chatting!  The last time we had saw them was in June. 
We got settled in and headed out for dinner.  We went to a local Italian joint and I had a prosciutto and arugula flatbread.  I forgot to take a picture but it made my belly happy.  This is when I realized our schedules were really going to be thrown off.  It was 8pm local time which meant 11pm back home and KK wasn’t even tired!  Hopefully she adjusts once we finally return home!! 
My brother gave us the grand tour of his gorgeous home and then we got the kids ready for bed.
Tuesday morning came fast!  My work email and phone started going off at 1am local time.  I tried to sleep through it as much as possible but I had to give up trying around 3!  Now I knew we were both going to be off a bit!!! 
We rode along to take my niece and nephew to school so we could see the area a little bit.  The town of San Ramon is beautiful.  KK played some games with my brother while we waited for the kids to get out of school around noon.  Then we had a quick lunch and headed to San Francisco. 
We wanted to do the bus tour of the city so the kids could see everything and experience something fun all at the same time!  You get the bonus of not have to drive yourself with this option as well!  Although it is kind of pricey, you get the option of getting on and off the bus as you please.  This makes it nice and convenient.  We saw so many things it was a lot of fun for the kids! 
Crossing the Golden Gate
Let us take a selfie!  My niece and KK.
I love watching waves break
When we finished this we headed to Rainforest Café for a dinner that the kids would find amusing!  
Creepy eyes!!
Dinner was yummy and the drive back was long enough for the kids to fall asleep!
We got back to the house and everyone was ready to sleep.  So our first full day in the bay area was a complete success!!  If my foot starts feeling better hopefully I can head out for a little run tomorrow!!  My legs are feeling ready!
Have you ever been on a bus tour?

Do you ever have to work when you are on vacation?

Where is your favorite spot to travel too?


California crazy!

I have been in California less that 24 hours and we are having a lot of fun already.  I am going to try to get caught up on posts today, since my sleep is all screwed up!!! 

Have you ever traveled and had a hard time adjusting to another time zone????

In awe of a boy and an interview with a newspaper

This weekend has been full of fun and craziness so I am going to divide up the posts now that I have time to actually sit down and type!  This might be a little long but I was super stoked after Saturday’s events!
Friday when I got home we headed straight for Detroit to get to the Expo before they closed at 8pm.  Since it is a 3 hour drive I knew we were going to be pushing out luck!  We made it there by 7 and got inside.  Of course like most Expo’s they had a ton of vendors and the kids enjoyed going from booth to booth checking out the goodies.  They snagged samples of EVERYTHING and wanted to buy something from almost everyone.  I had to make sure I held them back and didn’t let this happen!
We got to the back and picked up the packets for D and I then headed through the crowds to the hotel.  We ordered food in and got to bed early so D could be ready to race at 9am.  KK and J were both racing in the kids fun run at 10:30 as well. 

Don’t mind my comfy pants!  I did total a car a couple of days ago!
D and I were up and getting breakfast by 6:30 and creating our game plan for his race.  I had looked up the previous years results so we knew he needed to start at the front of the pack or he would get stuck behind slower runners.  I talked to him about making sure he held his ground and didn’t let anyone push him further back, due to his size (he just turned 12 in August, he is only 5ft tall and about 70 lbs), people tend to underestimate his running.  After we went over the plan we got up the rest of the family and when they were fed and ready we headed out.
The race was only 1/2 mile from our hotel which was a nice walk.  It was about 40 out with some wind.  It looked like it might drizzle but was holding off for us!  While we waited for the race to start I picked up packets for KK and J while they played around.  D’s race got pushed back 15 minutes due to so many people that didn’t get their packets at the Expo and waited until race morning!!  This was annoying! 
They finally got ready to start the race and D got in the front row and held steady and guys tried to crowd him back.  The race had 2071 runners and they were only divided into three groups, under 24 minutes, 24-32 minutes and then 32 minutes and over.  I thought this could have been done differently but it worked for them.
Waiting for the start!!
They were off!  D started strong as they headed south before they would turn around and head up the river walk right passed where we were standing.  Just after the one mile marker he was in 26th overall and looking good! 
At the start, he is in the bright yellow.
They kept going down the river walk and I had no other place to watch him until he reached the finish.  As the time passed I was really excited to see what he had done while running.  Then I saw him!!!  He was coming in for his finish looking AWESOME!  I had been counting runners and he was now 22nd OVERALL!!!  His official time was 19:59.  I couldn’t be more proud! 
Almost to the finish!
When I went to the finish area, at first I didn’t see him.  He finally showed up and had a news reporter with him!!  He was being interviewed by a kids section of the Detroit Free Press!  They wanted to do a section on him since he was the first kid to finish and did so well.
19:59, 1st in AG, and 22 out of 2071 overall
We then got him some chocolate milk and other items from the finish area.  They had a very well stocked supply of bananas, chips, chocolate milk, water and protein bars.  As he stretched out we walked around and showed the kids how you could see Canada and waited for the kids fun run.
The kids race was much more relaxed and less official.  They lined up and counted down from 10 for the start.  They ran 1 mile around a loop on the river walk.  Both J and KK were excited and ready to go!!  They took off and were looking strong!  I headed over to the return path about 1/4 mile from the finish to run KK into the finish.  As I was watching the kids coming around the corner I saw J!  Holy moly this kid was running! This was surprising because he doesn’t run, at all.  He doesn’t like to and only did this race for the medal and t-shirt!!  He was in the top 10 kids!!  I cheered and giggled as he ran by. 
He is in the gray, see why I giggled???
Kayla was a couple minutes back from him and she was running hard!  D had already started running with her so I joined them.  When we got close to the finish we told her to go hard and off she went.  This was an untimed race but they both did great! 
They look thrilled!
So focused!
We headed to our hotel the kids all got showers and we headed to The Henry Ford Museum for the rest of the day.  It is such and amazing place, they have so many neat things.  If you haven’t ever went you should.  It isn’t just cars, they have all sorts of historical items and is a very cool experience.  They also have an adjoining village you can go through but it was a little cold for this.  In the summer though it is great.
They even have a place to keep your significant other!!!
That is all for this post I will post my race recap from today soon!!! 
What is your favorite part of an Expo?
Have you ever been to The Henry Ford Museum?

Garmin tough and a lazy dog

As I wrote yesterday, I was in an accident on my way home from work on Wednesday.  My car is totaled but I am OK!!!!  I hurt like crazy but I will take that any day over being injured.  I had never been in an accident prior to this and learned a few things I would like to share:

My Caddy is no more
  1. God is good!  I already knew this but a lot of people get seriously injured in accidents just like mine and I got to walk away.  I walked slowly and hurting but I know someone was look out for me.
  2. Airbags are HOT, I mean burn you hot!  This was scary because I didn’t know and all I saw was smoke and smelled a burning scent!  I did find out that my Garmin is tough!!  The airbag hit my left wrist and saved my wrist from getting too burnt.  It is a little but, the Garmin has no damage at all!!!
  3. People are truly capable of making good solid decisions in a split second!  It’s amazing how you can react instinctively when you need to.
  4. A vehicle is a vehicle, is a vehicle.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I always said I loved my car.  In reality, I liked having it and driving it and most of all that it kept me injury free when I needed it too.
  5. Foam rollers are amazing!  I have foamed rolled a couple of times since my accident and it is helping tremendously!
  6. I have come to realize before any race that I am really excited about something bad happens!  three days before my first 10k ever I hit a deer in my car.  Two days before I ran Zooma in Chicago I sprained my ankle pretty badly.  Then now, four days before my half-marathon in Detroit my vehicle is totaled.  Should I stop racing???
  7. Things can truly change in a moments time.  This I learned awhile ago but it still some others don’t realize how true this really is.  I never thought about it until my sister was in an accident a year and a half ago.  She was in the hospital for seven months and is still recovering to an extent. She was critical at one point and they weren’t sure how she would recover.  Don’t ever take life as you know it for granted.  The people around you, those strangers you bump into, family, friends and everyone else out there.  Don’t criticize, don’t be cruel just show how caring and kind people really can be.   Others need that.  It really does make a difference.
I laid around the house most of the day just trying to relax.  One of our dogs decided he wanted to do that too.
What kind of dog lies like this?  Really?!
Last night I decided to try to run a little regardless of being sore.  I just had a feeling it might help loosen me up a little and it did.  It hurt at first but not unbearable.  I just ran 1 mile but it warmed me up enough to get a good stretch in to relax my body a little bit. 
Tonight we are off to Detroit to get ready for my kids to race tomorrow!!!!  I am hoping I can relax a little before then so I am good to go on Sunday!!!!
Have you ever been in a car accident?  What did you learn?
Do you have any tips to relieve sore muscles ASAP?

Airbags hurt, a lot!

I am not going to be posting a lot today.  I was in an accident yesterday and need to take care of that.  I am ok just sore and beat up.  I will post more about this and what revelations I have had during this experience.